Fur-midable Purr-fection

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When it comes to serious cat-titude, Helen Flanagan says loo-loving Boss is fur-real.

Burmese cats are highly intelligent, affectionate and extremely loyal. They love being with people and also get along well with other cats and even dogs. Endearing qualities include being insanely clever, performing tricks, social and playful temperaments and persistent vocalisations. 

Original roots are believed to have been near the Thai-Burma border with the most modern Burmese being descendants of one female cat called Wong Mau, who was brought from Burma to America in 1930 and bred with an American Siamese. 

Although available today in a variety of colours, originally Burmese were all the most beautiful shade of dark chocolate (sable), just like Boss who is Alex Harris’ fifth Burmese, but the first from Barbara at the highly recommended Lushei Burmese in North Arm. 

“Burmese are like little dogs in cat suits,” enthuses Alex. “But cats really do rule the roost, hence his name. Big personality, affectionate, playful and intelligent, he is three-and-a-half years old, but still has Vita Rapid Tranquil Treats daily due to his seriously ADHD. My curtains, and linen-covered sofa now replaced with leather, are proof of that!”  

Boss is quiet and chilled most of the time, but if Alex is late home he sits at the front door and howls. 

“Neighbours have sent me text messages because he is crying as if abandoned! As if,” says Alex laughing. 

“I cannot bear to be away from him for a night, hence I only stay at pet friendly motels/resorts. He is very comfortable in the apartment alone, and because he can use the loo, I can take him anywhere, even to the neighbours for dinner because he can use the powder room when he needs.

“Boss is the fourth Burmese I have trained to use the toilet… yay no kitty litter! I need to leave the seat down and lid up. When I am home, he calls me when he has done a number two so I can flush, otherwise he works very hard to cover it albeit ‘digging the air’.” 

As an indoor-only cat, Boss spends time on his ‘cat castle’ in the front window eyeing off birds that tease him whilst strutting their stuff in the front garden, also dogs passing by and giving a different meow for specific dogs such as Charlie, Alfie and Wilbur. He adores HoneyPot, a giant hamster wheel that he jumps on to keep fit and lose weight. 

He is also partial to doggy play dates, a brushing and if only he was allowed to shower with Alex. 

Fetching and fashion are also his forte. 

“New toys are dutifully dropped at my feet, waiting patiently for me to notice, play a little soccer, and repeat,” Alex says. “Last winter he even brought my slippers downstairs and dropped them at my feet. Both of them. 

“He has a range of bowties, collar with work tie, hoodie and a turtleneck which he really rocks, so much so Kim McCosker from 4 Ingredients asked if she could use the image of him to advertise her pet cookbook on social media. Boss really is a catwalk natural.”

Boss’ smartness continues to amaze Alex. “He was not fazed with a harness and lead, obviously like so many dogs he had seen, just walked ahead and out the door. A small skateboard used for knee rehab was commandeered. He simply sat on it and waiting for a push. Note to self – must teach him how to push.” 

Boss has his own iPad because he was using Alex’s so much. He swipes the screen until he finds his mousy game. He also likes to watch cat vids on YouTube and on television he is a fan of David Attenborough and Nigella Lawson, and the Kung Fu Panda movie was fur-bulous. 

Not kitten-around but maybe he is looking to be a movie paw-star. Afterall when Alex takes Boss to her Noosa4Sale office where she is the Big Boss, he is busting to go for a stroll around the shopping centre. Like any celebrity he is the centre of attention as people stop and take photographs of the purr-fect Boss.

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