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Noosa Civic Shopping Centre is ramping up the action this school holidays with Chiggy’s Skateboarding stoking passion for the sport in a new generation of thrashers, as Georgia Beard discovers. 

Remember learning to ride a skateboard in your local street or skatepark? 

You sported all the hallmarks of a kid trying something new – the clumsy helmet Mum forced you to wear; the board that threatened to shoot out from under your feet at any moment; a fence or a friend’s hand to offer you balance. 

You came home with some raw scrapes and bruises, but maybe some confidence too. For the kids who stuck with it, skateboarding would become a skill they took pride in, shared with friends and kept them outdoors and active.  

Mat ‘Chiggy’ Chigwidden knows these joys of childhood skateboarding all too well, sustaining his love for the sport for 24 years.

After agreeing to deliver one lesson with Skateboarding Australia, he sought to inspire younger generations of skaters with his own safe and supportive learning environment.

The wheels of Chiggy’s Skateboarding started rolling in 2012. Mat’s coaching service soon progressed from one participant to over 600 per week with skateboarding camps, tours and events, including as part of Noosa Festival of Surfing and at the opening of an indoor skatepark.

Now Mat and his crew of experienced skateboarding coaches will spark the passion in our young locals when Chiggy’s Skateboarding delivers free learn-to-skate workshops at Noosa Civic Shopping Centre.

“Chiggy’s has an incredible reputation in this community,” said Marketing Manager Aimee Dodge. “When we saw they were offering workshops with shopping centres, we jumped at the chance.

“We always look to invest in school holiday activities in the Centre that support not only the community but offer something new to children.” 

Near the Noosa Civic Food Court in  specially-designed mini ramps, two coaches will deliver eight, 30-minute lessons per day for participants of all ages and skill levels, progressing from the basics to the advanced tricks. 

Whether your kid is a little thrasher in the making or you’re a newbie keen to get steady on a board, Chiggy’s will create the ultimate learning experience – improving skills, building confidence and keeping the skateboarding stoke alive.

Mat’s approach to coaching kids involves getting on their level to give them a sense of ease and respect. 

He encourages them with compliments and constructive advice, ensuring their safety while injecting as much fun into the lessons as possible.

“Skateboarding is a small aspect of what we offer within our lessons,” Mat said. “Kids grow as both skaters and human beings by learning to overcome fear and building confidence, resilience and social skills.

“Ultimately, I find the kids benefitting from learning the good habits before they learn the bad habits, which helps prevent injuries and makes the initial learning process much easier.”

During each skating session, participants can expect epic rounds of skateboarding games and giveaways of stickers and other merchandise. 

Chiggy’s will supply all the skateboards and protective equipment, but recommend participants come with appropriate clothes and closed-in shoes. 

Lesson slots will be available through a booking platform on Chiggy’s Skateboarding, accessible via the Noosa Civic website. 

“I suggest subscribing to our mailing list through our website to avoid missing out and completing our waiver prior so you can get straight in and make the most of the lessons,” Mat said. 

When you enter the half-pipe, you’ll find a learning experience much more valuable than self-taught skating. With coaches to refine your techniques and lift you up when you fall, you’ll mount a skateboard and never want to get off.


Chiggy’s Skateboarding Workshops
Noosa Civic Shopping Centre
Monday 26 June to Friday 7 July, weekdays only for eight, 30-minute sessions, daily. 

Visit for more information and to book a free spot in the School Holiday workshops.

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