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While cheap, synthetic hair products damage our hair and our environment, one hair salon is getting to the root of the problem. Georgia Beard discovers how Si.Organics brings natural, plant-based hair care to the Noosa community. 

Before the age of mass market hair products and bottles full of synthetics and chemicals, we humans washed our hair with much less harm. 

Ancient cultures mixed water with herbs and plant fluids for shampoo and extracted natural oils for conditioner. Through the 1800s and 1900s, Western hair-washing rituals involved rinsing with water and castile soap, vinegar or egg yolk. Even today, some women are going “no poo”, ditching the shampoo bottle for products like coconut oil, baking soda and apple cider vinegar. 

Although some methods of hair care are more questionable than others, we’ve been choosing organics since before the organic movement existed. Now all-natural products have all the hype, and hopefully they’re here to stay (so you don’t have to risk a “no poo” alternative). 

Organic hair care lacks the irritating detergents, parabens and petroleum-based fragrances found in traditional products. Also absent are the synthetic fertilisers and pesticides used in industrial farming. Instead, organically grown ingredients bring out the shine, silk and scent your hair deserves while keeping you and the environment safe. 

Unlike the early days of hygiene, these natural products go beyond basic shampoos and conditioners. Nourishing hair masks and sprays, protective serums, styling formulas and more can offer long-lasting looks, just as eco-friendly as they are you-friendly. 

The need for premium, organic and high performing hair care that is both on trend and good for the planet is growing. 

In response, Sam Pittendrigh, Founder and Artistic Director of Si.Organics, has forged ahead with ambitious plans to expand her organic hair salon along the Noosa River. Sam and her team are combining local and international industry experience to put premium hair care in the heart of Noosa. 

“We are one of the few organic hair salons on the Sunshine Coast and were the first to offer colour and styling services using the organic, biodynamic and naturally derived Oway product range,” Sam says. 

“We know our clients care not only about a beautiful result for their hair, but knowing the ingredients used and how it effects their health and environmental footprint, is paramount.” 

With an environmentally-conscious approach, Si.Organics treatments deliver natural healing properties to your hair, scalp and skin. But Sam knows mental healing is just as important as physical. 

It’s her mission to see clients leave the salon not only with beautifully nourished hair but with a nourished body and soul too. 

“We understand the growing importance of wellness and self-care and the willingness of women to invest in themselves,” she says. 

“We have created a luxurious and pampering environment that delivers both and makes it easier, more convenient and enjoyable for people to prioritise themselves.” 

Rather than resorting to synthetic products or substitutes you can find in your pantry, turn to Si.Organics. 

The salon’s natural and reliable alternative uproots conventional hair care, sustaining the health of your hair, your mind and the environment.

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