Hot Autumn Nights

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When it comes to putting your best foot forward, it’s important to not forget what’s in the backyard, as Pete Goodlet advises.

Autumn in Noosa might mean a slight chill in the morning, but just like our hot autumn nights the Noosa real estate market is sizzling. Expats and southerners are still flocking northwards to claim a piece of Noosa paradise as their own. If, like me you decide to upsize, downsize or just a move to the left, you will have to get your property ready for the market.

The real-estate game is now more visual than ever. There are the photos of your listing plastered on social media and emailed to prospective buyers. To be the belle of the ball and fill your dance card with prospective buyers, you need to put your best foot forward. A good agent will point out how to get inspection and camera ready, a good landscaper will make sure that your garden does not let you down. 

Your garden should look loved and cared for. First up would be a massive clean-up, prune and tidy. Stand back across the road and imagine just what sort of first impression your property will create. In this demanding age some buyers will not bother to even get out of the car if what they see does not make their heart sing. Street appeal figures very strongly in a fast sale.

Ask yourself, does your garden enhance the architectural style of your home? Have you updated the plantings, edgings and peripheral items like fences and letterboxes? Simple things can make a huge difference. Most fences benefit greatly from a coat of rich dark paint. Shrubs that may have seemed like a good idea at the time of planting, may now be hiding architectural features, or blocking much needed light from the interior of your home. It’s important to keep your bushes tidy.

Pressure washing is an economical step in freshening up paths and your house walls and even your roof. Consider freshening up the paintwork too, a splash of well-chosen colour on your facade can work wonders.

Step inside and take a glance out of your now sparkly clean windows. If anything grabs your eye it will also be spotted by the buyers. Hopefully what you see is a garden that inspires you to step outside and explore.

Paving should connect your living spaces to external features such as pools and sheds. Your garden should flow and encourage easy movement to each and every valuable inch of it.

Savvy buyers will look for a garden that can embrace entertaining and relaxing. A haven from the outside world where they can find peace. Maybe you can increase the privacy with a well-placed screen or even by planting advanced screening shrubs.

The past year has highlighted the need to grow some of our own food. Raised vegetable garden beds often feature strongly in the written description and photos of your property. We all love a touch of abundance.

Your garden can easily add at least ten percent to the value to your property and an excellent garden can have bidders fighting over your green oasis.

It’s worth getting the professionals from Earth Creation Landscapes in to design and create a beautiful garden for you to enjoy now and you’ll be way ahead of the game, if you decide to make a move in the future. If you’re not selling, it’s always important to love where you live and create a garden oasis, particularly if you’re working from home more often. Love your garden and it will reward you in more ways than you can imagine. 

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