Meet The Maker: Voodoo Bacon

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George Fransisco’s love of authentic smoked bacon stems from his upbringing in the deep south of the USA.

Mississippians don’t mess around when it comes to cured pork, and when George moved to Australia as a young chef in 2001, he noticed that despite the bounty of produce available in this country, no one was really making a proper dry cured smoked bacon like back home.

On moving to Noosa in 2015, George realised his dream of sharing the true taste of artisanal, nitrate free, applewood smoked bacon with us Aussies, and he now supplies direct to discerning chefs and retailers all over Australia.

Voodoo Bacon is available sliced, but I prefer to buy it as a whole piece and cut it myself so I can make it whatever thickness I like. Keep an eye out for their iconic hand branded slabs at BioShop, Belmondos and in IGAs all over the coast.

For a list of stockists and restaurants that use Voodoo Bacon, visit, for delicious recipes that will impress your friends and fire your tastebuds, check out Matt Golinski’s recipe for pikelets with maple roasted Voodoo Bacon.

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