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Ottoman Empire at Weaver Green

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Soft, unassuming and versatile, the ottoman has been a constant source of support in our homes. Georgia Beard explores how the global history of the footstool has led to Weaver Green’s local, eco-friendly innovations in ottoman seating. 

From the centre of your living room to the end of your bed, the ottoman is your life companion. It waits patiently for you to seek out its comforts; it supports you after a tiresome day; it saves you space and acts as a handy companion to place your favourite book, coffee tray and more; it adapts to your every need.

The ottoman’s versatility is the reason why this low, upholstered stool has existed in our homes for centuries. We can trace this piece of furniture back to the Ottoman Empire, the Turkish dynasty reigning from the 15th century to the 20th century – and the stool’s namesake. 

In Turkish culture, upholstered benches wrapped around three walls of a room to facilitate ‘divan’, the council meetings between Sultans and their advisers. These benches also inhabited Turkish homes to make interactions with family and friends easier, and the term ‘divan’ soon referred to the benches themselves. 

Once Europeans discovered and adopted the practice, ‘divan’ became ‘ottoman’. The benches shrank into stools and strayed from the walls to explore the room. Now the ottoman is the multipurpose comfort we know best! 

Weaver Green combines old-world charm with modern style to deliver a range of ottomans with an ethical, environmentally-friendly twist. 

Recreating the texture of wool for their upholstery, the company transforms recycled, single-use plastic bottles into flat-woven fabric – and you won’t believe how fantastic this fabric is! 

After shredding plastic into strips, expert weavers spin and stretch the plastic fibres into a soft, durable yarn for hand-looming. The result is a gorgeous textile which brightens up your home while keeping harmful plastics away from our waterways and wildlife. 

Featuring Moroccan, Persian, Spanish and Scandinavian influences, the recycled upholstery of Weaver Green’s ottomans offer a soft, comfortable pad that is stain resistant, practical and versatile.

From somewhere to rest your feet to the perfect place for a coffee tray or to keep your favourite magazine and glasses handy; ottomans can also be signature pieces bringing a room to life or providing extra space when needed, give this stool the appreciation it deserves by adding a Weaver Green ottoman to your living room or bedroom. With litter recycled into luxury, you’ll find your home and the environment much more comfortable. 


Weaver Green is giving away a Kasbah Smoke Ottoman valued at $1295! 

Handmade locally with a top made from Weaver Green’s 100% recycled plastic bottles and legs hand-turned in Scotland from FSC-certified European Beech. Shipping is included! 

Dimensions: L120 x D60 x H38

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Competition ends Tuesday 31 May; winner to be announced Friday 3 June.

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