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If you’re in need of a healthy transformation, Revival Wellness Studio reaches deeper than superficial beauty solutions. Georgia Beard reveals the team’s range of long-term wellness treatments and an invitation to experience them for yourself. 

No matter what stage of life you are at, longevity and wellness are are important factors to consider for a happy and healthy mental and physical state.

From their intimate, ladies-only space in Noosaville, Revival Wellness Studio provide rejuvenation on a cellular level. 

All-natural and non-invasive treatments detoxify your body, eliminate those stubborn sections of fat and get your cells dancing with collagen.

Their comprehensive, state-of-the-art equipment responds to all the health and beauty needs of your body. They go beyond the quick fix to invest in your wellness for the long-term, with a healthy dose of self-indulgence and supportive sisterhood from Team Nurture; Revival Wellness’ team of regenerative therapists are there to guide and support you on each step on your wellness journey. 

From the initial consultation over a pot of tea, your therapist will get to know you, your body, your health and your needs so they can recommend a program best suited to your needs, budget and time availability and incorporating the state-of-the-art equipment on offer at Revival Wellness. 

Let’s see what’s on offer:  

An infusion of life-giving energy, AirPod Hydroxy combines oxygen therapy and hydrogen therapy for a complete wellness treatment. As you sink into the non-claustrophobic chamber and sleep, meditate, read or use your devices, oxygen supports cell metabolism while hydrogen reduces oxidative stress and improves bodily organs and systems.

Infrared therapy also imbues the body with renewal. While you relax in the Infrared Sauna, far-infrared light penetrates up to three inches into the skin to aid detoxification though sweat and deep tissue healing. 

Meanwhile, LED Red Light Therapy reacts with the mitochondria of your cells to activate enzymes and intracellular signalling pathways and increase cell growth and regeneration. Infrared Light Therapy re-energises your cells through similar reactions. 

Focusing on the face, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound or HIFU stimulates cellular repair and regrowth with a heat-induced micro injury. The non-surgical treatment tightens your skin and reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles and sagging areas, with results lasting 12-24 months! 

If you’re after something a little more traditional, the Deluxe Dermalogica Facial immerses you in bliss with a deep cleanse, exfoliation, facial massage, power peel, eye treatment and healing light therapy to boost your natural collagen and get you glowing.

One of the most irritating consistencies in your body? When superficial patches of fat refuse to respond to diet and exercise, lingering around the stomach, back hips, thighs and arms. Revival Wellness Studio offers a variety of treatments to reduce weight naturally with minimal workouts. 

Cool Body Fat Freezing uses cryolipolysis to freeze fat cells, which the body then eliminates and replaces with slimmer contours. Integrating exercise, negative pressure and infrared light, the Papilio Fat Burning System also targets fat, burns calories and detoxifies the body in an accelerated cardio chamber. 

Underneath the motorised rollers of Endermologie Body, your fat cells will experience stimulation to smooth cellulite, tone and firm the skin. The treatment also improves collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin along with lymphatics and circulation. 

Endermologie Face encourages similar results, along with a brighter complexion, plumper skin and smoothed-out wrinkles after stimulating connective tissue and activating the anti-ageing process.

Finally, Emsculpt uses magnetic energy to cause muscle contractions, which build and strengthen the muscles, burn fat and define the body.

Revival Wellness’ Alchemy365 Programs incorporate a range of treatments to target year-round wellness, regenerating your cells, making you glow with renewed collagen, improving circulation, increasing your relaxing and naturally improving your wellbeing!

Programs such as AlchemyBlast and AlchemyTripleNurture offer terrific value for reshaping and restoring your wellness with a tailored combination of Treatments at a time and price that works for you.

Team Nurture also offer programs for one-off treatments, ongoing monthly maintenance and concentrated nurturing for detoxification, skincare or sculpting.

Connect with a nurturing team of therapists to experience a bespoke wellness program, and you’ll emerge restored on the inside and out. 


Revival Wellness Studio is offering YOU an exclusive opportunity to purchase any three therapies for the price of two!

Simply mention IN Noosa Magazine when booking to receive the lowest-priced therapy on the house. To book, call 0456 532 645!

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