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What is the IN Noosa Fashion App?

The IN NOOSA FASHION APP (INFA) connects fashion boutiques with customers through a mobile marketing and customer communication app that is readily available and FREE to download on both the App Store and Google Play.

It will provide real-time information on fashion stores in the Noosa area as well as information on the latest sales; arrivals and promotions; access to exclusive events; the ability to purchase online and even receive discounts and special offers. It also consolidates the latest social media feeds in a format that is always-on and always-up-to-date.

INFA allows customers to find boutiques and build a connection.

INFA has been designed for those spare moments in your customer’s busy day … waiting to collect the children from school, getting the first morning coffee or lying on the couch on a Sunday afternoon; or for those people on holidays or planning their holidays.

Here’s the TOP TEN reasons to join the IN Noosa Fashion App!

  1. Be part of a central online fashion hub where customers of all ages, sizes can find your store.
  2. Generate qualified leads – people will use the app to find and purchase exactly what you are selling. They are using the app to buy or browse and are looking for what is on offer in Noosa.
  3. The app is ‘open for business’ and working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  4. There is no effort required from you – we tap into what you already doing online (or we can help you build your profile).
  5. Regular reporting and stats can let you know how you are performing and can provide details on your listing and look at what is working and how to leverage your listing.
  6. There are no other products like this in the market.
  7. Apps are easily understood and easily adopted by all ages – risk free.
  8. The app will complement and leverage your existing advertising and increase your online presence and performance.
  9. As it is published by IN Noosa Magazine, you can tap into the magazine’s loyal following (with 13,000 – 20,000 copies printed each quarter and an average 25,000 online reads per edition!).
  10. The IN Noosa Fashion App will be THE central location for fashion – can you afford not to be there?

Frequently asked questions

How will INFA benefit my business?

The IN Noosa Fashion mobile app seamlessly connects you with your existing customers. It will also ensure new customers discover your boutique.

You can promote your current collections, new arrivals and sales to a wider, more-focussed audience and you can stimulate business during the quiet periods or clear stock by providing incentives and discounts. We can also work with you to create exclusive events targeting customers, including those in a specific age bracket or postcode.

I already have a website, Facebook page and Instagram page. Why do I need the IN Noosa Fashion App?

Having a good website, along with an effective Facebook and Instagram presence, is an important cornerstone for your overall marketing success. Now you need more people to find them.

INFA actively promotes your digital marketing channels and seamlessly directs new traffic to your website and online store. We display your Facebook posts to app users who may not even subscribe to your social media feeds. This substantially increases your audience across all of your digital channels.

If you want to get additional return on your investment in your website, online store and social media then INFA is right for you.

How much does it cost for a boutique to be on INFA?

It’s an annual cost that is less than $2.80 per day!

You can renew each year… or not. There is no lock-in.

How much does it cost to download?

The IN Noosa Fashion App is free. Anyone can download the app on both Apple and Android platforms and start discovering your boutique and collections immediately.

What information do I need to provide, and how often?

The good news is we can create your initial directory entry from information already on your website or Facebook page.

We can also link up your various social media channels and key website pages (Sales, New Arrivals, Online store etc.).

So we do all the work for you. If you want to change any of this, simply let us know via email. We’ll also subscribe to your newsletter and use this information to keep up to date with any changes in your business.

What if I was already on the Noosa Fashion Network App?

The IN Noosa Fashion App supersedes the Noosa Fashion Network App which was our test platform. Your boutique will automatically transfer across to the new platform for no extra cost.

How will it be marketed to my customers?

With IN Noosa Magazine as the key partner for the app, we will tap into its existing channels and loyal local and tourist following. The app will be promoted through the magazine with a minimum of 13,000 printed copies per quarter (20,000 in summer); an average 25,000+ online reads per edition; a highly engaged social media following on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The App will be promoted and pushed to the local market across multiple channels including print, radio and in the digital environment. There is also a dedicated series of events and activities in Noosa including food and fashion lunches; a radio partnership with Zinc96; partnership with the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival; a dedicated IN Noosa Fashion Instagram page and more!

In addition, we encourage you to market and promote the app to your database of customers as an easy access point for them to find out more about you are doing. We will also provide you with promotional collateral to share with your customers through your existing channels so help build the app in the marketplace and to continually target new customers.

What do I need to do?

If you were already on the Noosa Fashion Network App, your information will automatically be transferred to the IN Noosa Fashion App. If not, you need to call Jasmin Boyd on 0406 658 640 or click here to email.

Then you simply need to make sure that the information on your website is up-to-date and that you are active on social media (which any good business already does!). If you need help with this, we are more than happy to assist.

About the developer

Our partner in this project is Velocity Mobile, a specialist mobile solution provider that builds business applications for the global market. They develop integrated, end-to-end business solutions that connect businesses with customers. Founder and Co-Managing Director Peter Maruff lives in Noosa and oversees offices in Hong Kong, Brisbane and Manila that support local, regional and multinational customers globally.