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The latest health / beauty news in Noosa

You are hot when it’s cold and you are not alone. Carlie Wacker explores a happy healthy online community supporting hundreds of thousands of women. It is a ‘hot’ topic around the office and amongst my girlfriends aged 40 to 50-something (and even strangers) when the

Carlie Wacker has channelled her inner Cher to turn back time by reversing the skin’s ageing process thanks to a local skin expert. Years of carefree fun in the sun has led me to understand why my mother ALWAYS insisted on wearing sunscreen, especially on your

‘Trust your gut feeling’ - as Katrina Thorpe discovers, this cliché is far more important than we have given credit for. Since Covid there have been extensive research studies on gut microbiome.  The findings so far, as reported by the Global Wellness Institute predicts we will

Deb Caruso shares her experiences floating for stress and pain relief. When I was in my mid-twenties I ran a PR firm that had a lot of Italian clients. Let’s just say that between the breakfast meetings, lunch meetings and late night dinner meetings I was

If ever there was a year to truly challenge every facet of our being, every part of our lives on a global scale, then 2020 would win hands down. Kim Morrison explains why health is our greatest asset. There is no doubt that 2020 has humbled

Edwina Cattanach shares the importance of healing with tranquility and connecting with Self. In a world where we are often hurried, rushed, or disconnected, it’s important to take time to nurture ourselves. Healing is enhanced when your treatment is in a tranquil and calming environment as

A scent can bring memories to life. It’s like breathing in precious moments and being transported to a special place – like Noosa. Carlie Wacker sniffs out the story behind a new Noosa scent. Locals and visitors have long appreciated and bathed in the sensory delight

Edwina Cattanach drifts away while experiencing a signature day spa treatment in a tranquil environment. Located at the Noosa Marina, Nu You Natural Beauty Day Spa has one of the most desirable waterfront locations with serene water views of the Noosa River. From the balcony you