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The latest people news in Noosa

Statistically, 50% of couples, whether they’re in a marriage or a de facto relationship, separate every seven years and those figures have been like that for a long time now. In today’s podcast, we talk to Kristy Perdriau, a divorce and separation strategist from DIV eX,

Oz Bayldon is a rare bread. He’s a world record holder for a number of unique gigs, like the highest concert on land which happened in Nepal and he’s working on a few other record-breaking plans, including the longest performance down the Amazon River in

The popularity of craft beer has risen sharply around the world in the last decade and when talking to local brewers here in Australia, they’ll tell you that converting consumers from traditional, heritage beers and breweries to something new with a fancy label or can

Toni Wills has always had a strong sense of justice which drove her to study law. She thought about a career in journalism while she was at school, she studied in Indonesia for twelve months and now is a driving force in the local arts

Michele Lipner from Oz Harvest hails from California. She graduated with a master’s degree in clinical psychology and a PhD in sociology. How did she end up in war-torn places like Ethiopia, Afghanistan, and Kosovo? On one occasion during a phone call to her mother, Michele

With a background in international aid, Michele Lipner decided to combine her experience and passion to conquer food waste by launching the local OzHarvest chapter. From a young age Michele Lipner knew she wanted to help people. The northern Californian graduated with a master’s degree in

Craig Argent was the knockabout son of a Tasmanian ship builder who ended up cutting and styling hair in a Beverly Hills salon and working on the sets of movies like Lord of the Rings and The Last Samurai. How did he do it? Who inspired

The winner’s podium in glitzy Monte Carlo must have seemed light years away for an energetic kid punishing his dirt bike on a rural paddock down under. John Caruso discovers that if you want something badly enough, dreams do come true.  If you’ve ever watched the drivers

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