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The latest people news in Noosa

More and more people have become aware and concerned with the impact plastic has on our environment and now is not the time to be complacent. Plastic Free Noosa continues to lead the charge with a systematic approach to reduce single-use plastic with a focus

In a second your life can be changed. Thankfully a homegrown charity that started with a personal crisis has grown to help thousands of families in need. Deb Caruso finds out more. Until Youngcare was established some sixteen years ago, if you were born with a

One local business so rich with goodwill is ensuring families fleeing domestic violence find some comfort in independent living. Carlie Wacker uncovers a collaboration that is caring for our most vulnerable. It is a heartbreaking thought that some people in our community find themselves in situations where

About twelve months ago Clare Stewart was elected Mayor of Noosa and she became the first female Mayor in Noosa Council history. However, that’s not what’s remarkable about Clare. Twenty-one years ago, in Sydney, Clare was struck by a truck with her legs pinned under

Opportunities Abound Paul Bird believes it is time for a reset with the recession-mentality “funk” best left in the rearview mirror. Mantra for 2021: “The recession is over, opportunities abound.” Repeat: “The recession is over, opportunities abound.” Have you already done a reset for 2021? Or are you still

For Gudanji people, only a select few are storytellers. It’s a testament to Ryhia Dank’s skill as an artist, that someone so young, has become one of those storytellers, depicting the neutral, natural tones of her traditional land, Gurrinjiny, together with the brighter colours that

Opening and successfully running your own business is one thing. Doing it when you’ve been diagnosed with epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and autism is an achievement that deserves recognition and much respect. A year ago, my next guest was out of a job and out of

If you Google the name Ashton Wood and the brand Jeep, you’ll discover that my next guest had a protracted ‘beef’ with Jeep over a vehicle that he called a ‘lemon’. The relationship between Ashton and Jeep is a lot better these days, in fact, Jeep