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The latest people news in Noosa

Do you recall, as a kid, certain food, especially fruit, was only available during specific seasons. Watermelon and mangoes were always part of long hot Queensland summers. Now, it appears they’re on supermarket shelves year-round due to genetic modification and global imports. Uwe Wullfen has

Local photographer Megan Gill’s inspiration for her latest exhibition, Portraits of Mankind, was the suicide death of a 36-year-old man she never knew, however his death encouraged her to share the stories of other men in our community who’ve been brave enough to reach out

My next guest has spent a lifetime involved in music. She was classically trained however her teacher at the time said she had the talent but not the discipline. My guest on today’s episode has performed in bands and entertained huge crowds as a DJ

Mark is the father of two girls who suffer from eating disorders. He founded endED with the goal of giving hope to those suffering from an eating disorder by creating an alternative to the medical model. The first residential eating disorder facility has opened and

David Williamson is Australia’s most successful playwright celebrating fifty years in the arts with the release of Home Truths, a memoir, in September of this year. He and his wife Kristin were instrumental in launching the Noosa Long Weekend, now known as Noosa Alive. In this

Today’s guest on this episode of Everyone Has A Story has been the principal of Sunshine Coast Grammar for many years. As a parent, I really enjoyed this chat, we talk about the impact of social media on kids, online bullying, why a cookie-cutter approach

The radiant light and energy from the sun has been harnessed into your daily cuppa thanks to a local business with creating pottery with the planet in mind, as Carlie Wacker discovers. Pottery for the Planet is big business in low emissions, and they have just

Have you listened to any good podcasts lately? That’s something you might be hearing more of as podcast awareness, listenership and investment continues to increase. One of my great joys from working in the radio industry has always been the opportunity to meet and interview people.