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The latest people news in Noosa

With a background in international aid, Michele Lipner decided to combine her experience and passion to conquer food waste by launching the local OzHarvest chapter. From a young age Michele Lipner knew she wanted to help people. The northern Californian graduated with a master’s degree in

Craig Argent was the knockabout son of a Tasmanian ship builder who ended up cutting and styling hair in a Beverly Hills salon and working on the sets of movies like Lord of the Rings and The Last Samurai. How did he do it? Who inspired

The winner’s podium in glitzy Monte Carlo must have seemed light years away for an energetic kid punishing his dirt bike on a rural paddock down under. John Caruso discovers that if you want something badly enough, dreams do come true.  If you’ve ever watched the drivers

Everyone loves talking real estate and there’s no hotter topic in Noosa than who bought where for what and predicting the next hot spots. The name Don Reed has been associated with the Noosa Real Estate market for a long time and Adrian Reed, Don’s son,

From journalist to media advisor, John Caruso talks with Richard Bruinsma about his taste for politics on the Conversations in Noosa podcast. My next guest has been a journalist for many decades, many would remember him as a reporter on Seven Local News. He then took

In Conversation with Australia’s highest earning sportsperson in 2010, Formula One driver Mark Webber, on what he’s doing today. There are around 7.7 billion people in the world today. Imagine an exclusive environment where only 20 people each year, compete in the highest level of a

In this Conversation, Andy Fermo speaks openly and honestly about his military career, his PTSD and what life is like now, living in Noosa. Unless you’ve served, or you’re part of a family that has members who have served in the military in an active war

Elora Murger aka Elora Tahiti made her fame as one of Australia’s Bachelor contestants and now lives in Noosa. In this Conversation we ask Elora, can you really make a living as a social media influencer? “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes!”

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