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The latest lifestyle news in Noosa

Break away from the ordinary and expand your mind at the Conscious Life Festival. Sarah Vercoe reveals how you can unpack your life and put it back together over a weekend of wellness. Celebrating holistic living, the Conscious Life Holistic Wellness Festival is for those looking

Eating fresh food that’s good for you and the planet is waiting for you on your balcony or in your backyard as Edwina Cattanach discovers! There really is nothing quite like picking fresh herbs, fruit or veggies straight from your garden and adding to your cooking.

The lady and her pooch - a lifelong love. IN Noosa Magazine’s fashion editor Lesley Clough shares her tale of love for her Samoyed Sourigirl. “My Sourigirl was a quirky diva who kept me laughing regularly. The name coming from the French verb sourire “to smile”

A real estate professional once said to me that an acquisition tomorrow will always cost you more than an acquisition today! Away from the often talked about waterfront and canal homes of Noosa there’s been a frenzy of hinterland activity, especially in places like Doonan

When it comes to putting your best foot forward, it’s important to not forget what’s in the backyard, as Pete Goodlet advises. Autumn in Noosa might mean a slight chill in the morning, but just like our hot autumn nights the Noosa real estate market is

More and more people have become aware and concerned with the impact plastic has on our environment and now is not the time to be complacent. Plastic Free Noosa continues to lead the charge with a systematic approach to reduce single-use plastic with a focus

A gift can be big; a gift can be small but a gift from Noosa is the best gift of all! Carlie Wacker meets a dynamic duo sharing the Noosa love far and wide. Courtney Going and Sue-Ellen Knox know that all good things come from

Never before has the case for doing business differently been more clear. If we want successful businesses we need vibrant, thriving communities and a sustainable environment. Laura Harkins-Small explores why 2021 is the year to keep doing business differently. Scrolling through my photo memories on my