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Ella and Sunday, Rani Wilkinson How and when was ella & sunday born? It’s hard to say exactly! My siblings and I grew up on a farm in NSW with an extended family. My aunt and two uncles were as close to us as our parents. My beloved

The heady, hot and humid days of high summer are upon us. Intoxicating, seductive, languid. Our beautiful town, nestled in the fragrant, fertile cradle of the sub tropics, blesses us with the lush foliage, flora and fauna of the season, bringing the brightest of pure

In a year unlike any other, our beloved town has given us solace, comfort and security in a tumultuous time, affording us the luxury of relative succour as sombre current events have unfolded . This affects our collective soul, influencing us in positive ways, rendering us

“Real elegance is everywhere – especially in the things that don’t show” – Christian Dior.  Carlie Wacker uncovers the power of the perfect fitting bra and briefs. They say a woman’s lingerie says a lot about her, so I did a quick underwear edit and realised

The fabric of sustainable fashion is changing – quite literally! Slow fashion super fan Carlie Wacker finds out what one Noosa eco label is doing to lead the way. Fashion buying habits are changing with conscious consumers making more educated and mindful purchases. Smart designers are

Pete Goodlet discovers a world of colour with the opening of Boom Shankar on Hastings Street. Boom is in the street! Hastings Street that is. On a sunny day in May, Boom Shankar came flying into the street, sprinkling rainbows in its wake. The new flagship

Slow Fashion ambassador Carlie Wacker explores a fashion treasure chest of coveted clothing labels on consignment at Noosa’s only preloved designer boutique - Ma Petite Boutique.  Slow Fashion is a revolution in the clothing industry that encourages us to make considered choices that are good for

Glenda Brownlow never intended to enter the fashion industry but now, more than 20 years after selling her first designs at the local markets, Mensroom Clothing and Accessories is the go-to for stylish, comfortable and affordable men’s fashion. Glenda’s first foray into the world of fashion

Our days are shorter, our evenings more crisp, the sun hangs seemingly lower in the sky. The heady days and excitement of summer abate, and we, as sentient beings, absorb subconsciously what Mother Nature is telling us - that it is time for quiet, for

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