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As we enter 2022, the search for your bliss may be high on your agenda. Pete Goodlet encourages us to step outside to discover the balm for your soul could well be in your own garden.

Throughout history our gardens have given us solace and inspiration. The Romans had courtyards and bathing pavilions. The Victorians liked the odd folly and well, what’s not to like about a folly? A whimsical place to while away the hours and escape reality. These days there is no shortage of hermits, and with the rental shortage, one is bound to leap at the chance of occupying your folly. But I digress. Your garden, your folly, your sanctuary, is the place for you and your loved ones to find your bliss. 

Picture your garden as a magical spa retreat. This may take some imagination. Or it may need the enhanced inspiration of a glass of wine or even better, several shots of absinthe. Nothing like a little touch of the green fairy to get you floating above your garden, ideas whirring on gossamer wings – you are halfway there to creating nirvana. Float about, go with the flow and picture what brings you joy.

Back on earth, grab yourself a sketch pad and draw up your great garden wish list. Make it fanciful and whimsical and because our feet are back on the ground, you must also make it practical. For if you are to find your bliss in the garden, it’s important that each part works in harmony and is perfectly applicable and adaptable for how it is to be used, particularly for smaller spaces. 

My wish list would have to include water. Well, to be brutally honest, a lot of water. I’m picturing goldfish ponds, and confess that my own sanctuary currently has five ponds, fifteen goldfish and a waterfall. While we are at it, let’s add a candlelit outdoor bath and a heated plunge pool with a couple of spa jets for good measure. Water in all forms is calming, its reflections are magical and its sound caresses.

Maybe you have naked ambition? Well then, let’s plant out that fence line. The last thing we want is our neighbour Mavis falling off her ladder while she is tenderly trimming her rose bushes. What I like to call ‘bare spots’ can also be created with some well-placed screens that may well hide your own shed, clothesline, or other utility areas.

A room of one’s own cannot always be found inside your home. True happiness can be found in a space to craft, write, paint, or simply contemplate your navel. There are some marvellous pre-made studio pods that you can place in your garden, roll out your yoga mat and enjoy. Added optional extras such a moats and electric fences can further enhance your feeling of sanctuary (or privacy). 

A gorgeous spot to hide away doesn’t have to be expensive. Let your imagination fly and create magic with second-hand materials, quirky windows and online finds.

Healthy eating is even better when it’s combined with healthy growing. While it may be tricky to grow lots of food supplies, a tub of fresh herbs and chillies at your back door will spice up your life. There is a great range of self-watering pots that will supply you with fresh parsley, chives and even salad greens. 

Don’t be misled, these do not get up and grab the watering can but they do hold a water reservoir in their base so require less watering. Get growing – it expands your menu and your mind.

Flowers, there must be flowers! These bright little beings will gladden your soul and enhance your bliss. Here IN Noosa, we are spoilt by the choice of big blossomy wonders we can enjoy in our garden. Don’t forget the delicate beauty and poise of the orchid. Pop them in pots around your garden and bring them inside when flowering to enjoy their full beauty. A garden full of flowers is a blissful place.

So, break out the absinthe, let your imagination soar and create a garden that’s a balm for your soul. Visit your local garden centre for expert advice and inspiration, and should that all sound a bit too much effort, call Stuart and his magical team at Earth Creation Landscapes, your bliss is their pleasure.

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