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Many of us are tuning into the mindfulness movement and as Mel Keding discovers, it’s making its way into the travel industry. The message is clear – it’s time to stop and smell the roses.

Close your eyes and think of the last holiday you took. Sure, you can picture it, but can you taste it? Do you remember the sights, the sounds, the smells? If not, maybe it’s time to book a getaway to a place where you
can surrender yourself to a total sensory experience.

While it’s nice to relax on a beach, consider a holiday that pushes you to really experience a whole new world! A travel advisor has been there and done that so they can create the perfect getaway based on personal experience tailored to your desires.

As professional travel advisor Rachel Cleary explains, it’s all about getting to know what delights you. Not only does Rachel explore each destination to confirm the best places to stay and eat, but she also discovers the types of experiences that are going to set your soul alight.

Rachel said one of the most popular destinations loved by sensory travellers is Africa.

“The sights and sounds are unique and stimulating. Africa is a place you’re forced to get out of your head and experience the moment and with roses as one of their largest imports, you can literally stop and smell the roses,” she said.

Guided walking safaris with the option to camp in the wild are very popular. Imagine waking at sunrise as all the animals around you begin to stir. Feel the sun on your face and smell your hot coffee brewing as your camp cook whips up a sizzling breakfast feast to prepare you for a day of safari, sunsets and sundowners – action, beauty and relaxation all spiced with a touch of luxury.

Rachel said conservancies offered the best chance of up-close encounters with the most majestic of animals like elephants, cheetah, lions and so many more.

“Forget The Lion King; this is the place to visit for the real deal,” she said.

From connecting with nature to gazing at the skies, another great world wonder is that of the Northern Lights. This natural phenomenon sees lights dancing across the sky for your personal delight and is best experienced in remote
luxury, far from the cities.

“The Northern Lights are a mesmerizing sensation and one you’ll never forget,” she said. “Lie in a cosy glass igloo or luxury lodge in a remote part of Norway contemplating what could possibly be better than this very moment.

“Bring on daylight and you’ll find that Scandinavia is not only lights dancing in the night sky; adventure and excitement abound.”

Jump aboard a snowmobile, hunt for King Crabs, fish with the locals in the stunning Norwegian Lofoten Islands and cruise the majestic Fjords on the world-famous Hurtigruten where the scenery is undeniably spectacular.

Feel the cold air nip your face as a team of boisterous dogs whips your sled across snow-blanketed horizons; ride snowmobiles, lunch with celebrity chefs and pinch yourself as reindeer pull your sleigh across country.

With wild roses dotting the beautiful landscape of Norway, this is another chance to stop and smell the roses. Indulge in mindful travel where you can feel, see and taste all the sights of a brand new land, you will be so happy you did.


If you want to escape the hot summer sun and visit a wintery country this season, there are a few things to consider before jumping on the plane. Dr Catriona of DOT Travel Clinic shares her top tips:

• Influenza is more prevalent in the colder months so get the
flu jab to make sure you’re covered.

• For areas with greater elevation of 2500m, work with a Travel GP such as DOT to develop an acclimatisation
schedule and see if prescription medication would assist.

• Layer thermal clothing underneath a waterproof outerlayer to reduce the risk of hypothermia.

• Make sure you are hydrated and eating well to help maintain core body temperature.

• UV sun protection in the form of sunscreen, lip balm and sunglasses/goggles are essential when travelling to the
snow to avoid damage to the skin, lips and eyes.

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