Somedays, are Diamonds

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Matt Golinski explores why Somedays are better than others.

The late, great Australian wine writer, Len Evans once wrote ‘Every time you drink an inferior bottle of wine, it’s like you took a fine bottle and smashed it against a wall. You can’t get that bottle back!’

The idea being that there is a finite amount of wine you can possibly drink in your lifetime, so don’t waste the opportunities you do have drinking rubbish. The same principle could be applied to the food we consume.

We could simply sustain ourselves on average ingredients cooked without any love, or we could consider every meal to be one more chance to experience deliciousness in a limited lifespan of eating.

We know we shouldn’t drink lots of wine everyday because it’s probably not very good for our health, just like we know some foods are everyday foods, and other foods are ‘somedays’ foods.

So, on those ‘somedays’ you could have a stuffed crust, miniature-pie-adorned abomination of a pizza covered in all manner of over-processed ingredients.
Or you could pop into Somedays Pizza in Noosa Junction and experience a version made with the respect and simplicity that is as true to its origins as anywhere you will see outside of Naples, Italy.

Ironically perched on the site of what was the Pizza Hut on Sunshine Beach Road, the evil ghosts of a thousand thick crust ham and pineapple pizzas have been exorcised from the building, and replaced with authentic, 48-hour fermented dough made from organic stoneground Queensland wheat, locally sourced and artisan toppings, seasonal salads, and a wine and beer list to match the philosophy of serving food that speaks of provenance.

Nathan Ramsay and Shane Newton, a couple of well-heeled hospitality locals, have teamed up with award-winning pizza guru Gianluca Donzelli, whose love of surfing and cooking drew him to Noosa in search of a lifestyle that could offer him plenty of both.

Gianluca’s passion for produce comes from an upbringing and a culture where local and seasonal is a way of life rather than a marketing catch phrase.

His time honing his skills in Michelin- Star restaurants on the Amalfi Coast in Italy, picking and preparing vegetables straight from the kitchen garden, shaped him into a chef with a drive for perfection, but an understanding that perfection begins with good quality base ingredients.

With an almost teary eye, he speaks about his producers like they are family, and how lucky he feels to be part of the vibrant food community that he has adopted.

The flickering glow of the woodfired oven in the corner of the room, the vinyl records spinning on the turntable, the genuine hospitality of the front of house, and the type of pizza you’d normally have to travel 16000km to experience, all combine here to create the dining experience equivalent of a big warm
hug from your Nonna.

And somedays, a hug just makes everything better.

“Some foods are everyday foods, and other foods are ‘somedays’ foods”
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