Whisky Business with Matt Golinski

Image source: Photographer Ian Waldie

Name Matt Golinski

Age 49

Position Executive Chef

View by Matt Golinski, Peppers Noosa Resort & Villas

How/Why did you become a chef?

I decided when I was very young that I wanted to be a chef – probably watching Peter Russell Clarke for five minutes every day before The Goodies and Monkey Magic was what did it; 41 years later I still love every second.

What has been the most rewarding moment of your career so far?

The most rewarding times are when someone reminds you of something you cooked for them years ago that you’d long forgotten but that had stuck firmly in their memory. 

That’s far better than any award.

One of the privileges of being a cook is that people are quite likely to remember you fondly.

What do you love about being a chef?

I love that every week I learn something new about food. I could live a hundred lifetimes and still not scratch the surface of what there is to know about ingredients and techniques. 

What do you love about local produce? 

The better your produce the less you have to do to it, and that’s generally what you get when you buy direct from the source. 

I really value the relationships I have with my producers as well and I consider a lot of them close friends. 

What is your approach to food?

Look at what’s in season and then cook according to that rather than writing a menu and going out and looking for the ingredients. 

And never stop learning, that’s what keeps me interested.

Who is your culinary inspiration?

My peers who love food the way I do. We share the things we learn and bounce ideas off each other and that’s how we become better cooks. 

Do you cook at home? And if so what do you cook? 

Yep, every day. I’m usually cooking for two adults and a four-year-old so it’s generally healthy but kid friendly. 

Lots of eggs, spaghetti and rice.

What is your favourite dish to eat?


No lemon, no vinaigrette, no heat. 

What do you love about being IN Noosa?

I love that Noosa, despite its glitziness, still maintains that beautiful natural feel with its national parks, river and lake systems and little hinterland villages.

I also love that as a chef in Noosa I have a dining audience that is interested in knowing where their food comes from, something I’m passionate about sharing with them.

Any advice for young chefs?

Don’t rely only on the people you work with to learn about cooking. Research every ingredient and technique on the menu at work so you properly understand it (the internet is one of the greatest tools a cook has).  

Practice new things at home when you’re cooking for yourself. Offer to make staff meals for the rest of the kitchen or come up with specials so you can get some feedback. And look after yourself mentally and physically while you get through those first few years.  

What is your favourite kitchen utensil?

I love a good whisk, and I’m very fussy about them. I’ll always whip cream and egg whites by hand because you get a better control of that perfect point of whippedness. But the whisk must be a good length, have fine wires, and never, ever be made out of plastic.

What is your favourite ingredient?

I love all ingredients equally, but one thing that I particularly like at the moment is the specialty mushrooms that are being produced locally by some very clever and dedicated growers. When trays of Oyster Mushrooms, Shimejis and Lion’s Mane arrive in the kitchen with all their colours and shapes it’s like they are still alive and breathing. They add so much flavour and texture to all dishes.

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