A Grill from Ear to Ear

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Nothing beats the flavour of an ingredient that’s been tossed on a grill and man’s obsession with fire and flame will continue to be the inspiration in his pursuit of the perfectly barbecued piece of protein. Words by John Caruso.

It’s interesting looking back on my barbecuing journey. From standing to one side as a kid, away from the smoke, while dad worked his magic every Saturday night with thinly cut rib-fillet on a thick metal plate resting on the top of a low-cut, modified forty-five-gallon drum. It was open on one side and shaped into a U with kindling and wood providing the fuel for the fire.

My father’s home-designed barbecue certainly doesn’t sound like the kind of contraption that you’d transport about from place to place, however, some of my fondest memories are of family and friends spending Boxing Day and Australia Day at the beach, standing around Dad’s barbie, tongs and drinks in hand, waiting for the finished products, which by the way, for a family steeped in Italian tradition, included barbecued pineapple rings.

Fast forward a few decades and there’s nothing I enjoy more than playing about with my WeberQ, from juicy tender eye fillet steaks to lamb racks, butterflied chicken and grilled vegetables with the odd pizza on a pizza stone. My time working the grill has translated into memorable meals, gastronomical delights and hours or shared stories, swapping tips and tricks on creating the perfect grilling experience.

When Slow Food Noosa locked in a Matt Golinski BBQ Masterclass at View Restaurant back in October, my wife knew I’d love it and it would be the perfect environment where likeminded individuals and food lovers could gather and discuss the nitty, gritty of the grill.

Matt’s masterclass covered all bases with three different proteins, salmon, spatchcock and beef and I appreciated seeing those other moments where the barbecue got to play its part, grilling the bread for the Pan con Tomate, and then the ‘do it yourself’ dressing, olive oil, garlic and Noosa Red tomatoes – and taking me back to childhood, grilled pineapple and peaches for dessert. 

There were some great tips too! 

Things like using a spray atomizer bottle to evenly distribute olive oil on your ingredients when barbecuing over an open flame; seasoning one side of the protein at a time and doing that just before it hits the grill, seasoned side down, to avoid all the moisture being drawn out of the ingredient; if you grill salmon with the skin on and attempt to lift it off the grill is leaving the skin behind, then it’s not ready; and most importantly, the need for food to rest after it comes off the grill, even fish.

Matt noted that while the salmon sits for a few minutes afterwards it continues to cook and the same goes for beef.

All great tips and the proof was there in the share plates that came out. From the Ora King Salmon laab to the Bendele Farm spatchcock and beef rump cap with kipfler potatoes and black-eyed peas. 


I am salivating while writing this story and thinking of that perfect cut of meat, perfectly seasoned, sizzling away; the sound, the smell, the serve, the taste.

View by Matt Golinski at Peppers Noosa Resort and Villas features a menu designed by Matt and delivered by head chef Andrew Wilcox, focusing on the using the best local produce.

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