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Sarah Vercoe meets the fresh new face bringing a new sense of style to one of Noosa’s much-loved homewares destinations.

Lauren Rasnake From Casa Noosa

Casa Noosa has long been a favourite on the Noosa scene. How and when did you come to Casa Noosa? 

When my husband Sam and I moved to Noosa we went from an apartment to a house and we needed to fill it with furniture. We found ourselves in Casa Noosa almost every day and I loved it so much I inquired about a job. 

After working there for a year it was for sale and we decided to buy it; we wanted to carry on the legacy and keep this beautiful store in the community. 

You’ve recently relocated to Thomas Street and will be opening a Design Hub soon. Tell us about what motivated you to do this?

Changing things up a bit provided a great opportunity to build on the foundations of Casa Noosa to open the business up for new opportunities. Thomas Street is a beautiful space for people to come and see what we offer, with smaller homewares on show and an intimate environment that lends itself to a lovely shopping experience. 

Our Design Studio will also be opening around Spring, we’re very excited!

What do you love most about the business? 

 The customers. I love being able to talk with people about their lives and their dreams for their home. Just being a part of that journey is amazing!

How would you describe your personal style and how it translates to your business? 

I love to make people feel comfortable and at home in every aspect of my life and I’d really love to build that into Casa Noosa, for it to be an experience where everyone feels really comfortable.

What are some of the elements that set your business apart?  

We love bringing one-of-a-kind pieces to Noosa. Our Loft and Wild Spaces ranges are very unique; we work with craftsman in Asia to create custom pieces. Wild Spaces are particularly special because our craftsman deals in fallen timber, working to create pieces inspired by the wood’s natural elements. 

What makes a room come alive?  

Anything that connects a room to the outside. Incorporating natural elements, even if it’s just what you can see outside the window. 

What are the current trends in homewares and interior design? 

People are spending more time at home so we’re seeing lots more pieces that create that feeling of comfort. It’s also about creating a useable space that can be a home office, study and leisure zone. 

The shift to sustainability is also impacting homewares and design. People are really paying attention to how something is created and with what materials. It’s really exciting to see that interest from our customers, that we’re all willing to invest in a process that supports people and the planet. 

What are you loving this season? 

Everything! I love that live plants are making a comeback and that we’re bringing the outside in. 

What colours are popular right now? 

Natural, more subdued colours; earthy tones of soft grey, blues and greens.

What is your favourite product right now? 

There are so many, it changes every few minutes! I’m like a kid at Christmas with every delivery, I get so excited. 

If I had to pick one it would be our Loft occasional chairs. I love how comfortable they are, the colours, and the combination of leather and antique.

Any tips for finding the perfect style? 

First and foremost remember it is your home. So think about what you need to feel comfortable, to make your home a sanctuary and then consider the impression you want to make on others when they visit. These are great foundations to develop your own style. 

Be confident in what you like. You can still look to trends but don’t be afraid to pull in other pieces you find even if you don’t think it fits with current trends. 

What do you love about being IN Noosa? 

It connects all of my favourite things from all the places I’ve lived. 

I’m originally from Tennessee where there’s lots of mountains, so I love how green it is here; Noosa has fantastic beaches, which reminds me of Florida; and there’s a wonderful sense of community just like my neighbourhood in New York.

Lauren’s Fave Five

Fave Hobby: Plant propagation

Fave Drink: Old fashioned

Fave Food: Degustation, to try all the things

Fave Saying: Be the change you wish to see in the world 

Fave Accessory: Skulls! I incorporate them into almost all my rooms.

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