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Don’t Panic It’s Organic

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When we hear the word ‘organic’, most of us instantly think of the health benefits we’ll gain by eating more nutrient rich foods, free of herbicides and pesticides. Matt Golinski discovers the flow-on effects of supporting the organic industry run far deeper than our own well-being.

Organic products have become more accessible and affordable than ever due to increased customer demand and a rise in farmers committed to producing these products organically. Sometimes we need to stop and ask ourselves why processed food is so cheap, and what the true cost of that is on our health and the world. 

Here’s a few things to consider regarding
the broader benefits of organic food:

• Most farmers who choose to grow organically understand the importance of biodiversity, so rather than large amounts of a single crop, they are more likely to plant smaller amounts of different crops, which creates healthier soil, eliminating the need for chemical fertilisers which can run off into our waterways and end up in our oceans, affecting our precious marine life.

• Biodiversity also makes crops less susceptible to pests, which means less pesticides in the environment. Pesticides
don’t just kill pests, they kill birds, frogs, bees and all the good insects we need to support a healthy, balanced ecosystem. They also end up in our groundwater, which doesn’t just affect us, it also affects every animal and plant that comes into contact with that water supply.

• Farm workers who are in direct contact with crops which use chemical fertilisers and pesticides are more likely to develop illnesses, especially in developing countries where their use is poorly regulated.

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• Modern conventional farming uses more petrol than any other industry, and more energy is used to produce synthetic fertilisers than it takes to till, cultivate and harvest the crops it produces. Both of these factors are huge contributors to global warming.

• More often than not, organic produce is sold close to its source, reducing its food miles, and often reducing the packaging it requires to travel long distances. 

And if that’s not enough to convince you it’s worth buying organic, there’s the fact that organically grown food tastes so much better! It’s far more likely to be picked when its ready, instead of weeks early and then force ripened for the seller’s convenience.

For more than 10 years, Organika has been a leading light in organic retail in the region, sourcing fresh produce, bulk dry goods, wine and beer, cleaning products, makeup and skin care products and toiletries, both locally and internationally. 

With the increase in food allergies and intolerances, and consumers choosing to follow specific diets such as paleo, ketogenic and vegan, Organika is forever updating its inventory to make sure their customers have access to everything they need to live a happy, healthy lifestyle.

The Organika coffee shop, open daily from 7am, serves locally-roasted Flying West Coffee with a full range of organic milk and milk alternatives, and cold pressed juices and smoothies. They produce a variety of organic cakes and slices, salads, wraps and breakfast jars, made fresh daily on premises, with a focus on making sure they have everyone’s dietary requirements met.

It’s a one-stop-shop for those who consider their body to be their temple!

Organika’s commitment to stocking products that are sustainable, ethical and fair-trade means that when you shop with them, you know the choices you are making are helping more than just you and your family.

ORGANIKA | 2/3 Gibson Road, Noosaville | Phone 5442 4973

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Matt Golinski is a highly regarded chef with a passion for simple, produce-driven cuisine based on seasonal, fresh local ingredients. He is an active member of the Slow Food movement, a champion of artisan producers and a generous mentor to keen young chefs. He is the Food and Culinary Tourism Ambassador for the Gympie region; Ambassador and Advisory Executive Chef for Peppers Noosa; and a festival favourite.

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