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You are hot when it’s cold and you are not alone. Carlie Wacker explores a happy healthy online community supporting hundreds of thousands of women.

It is a ‘hot’ topic around the office and amongst my girlfriends aged 40 to 50-something (and even strangers) when the heat is on! 

I am talking about menopause, the big M, the change of life that many of our mothers rarely spoke about. 

I have been hearing the stories of being fed up, tired and getting hot flushes – oh I am not looking forward to those flushes! But personally, I have been battling with weight management and my changing body as I head towards this next chapter of life. 

The female body really is the gift that keeps giving and I am determined to be prepared for menopause when it comes my way, so I reached out to my friend and Triple Olympic Swimmer Lisa Curry to explore the world of Happy Hormones. 

You see, every time I speak out about my concerns my friends direct me to this product – it must work it has got a cult following of meno-babes (yes, that is what we shall be named!). 

Lisa’s business Happy Healthy You was co-created with naturopath and hormonal specialist, Jeff Butterworth who has more than 20 years’ experience specialising in the treatment of hormonal disorders and is the author of Balance Your Hormones. 

Not only does Happy Healthy You have an online platform where you can purchase your Happy Hormones, but it is a go-to source for information and support for women experiencing a whole range of hormone-related conditions. 

This online portal is your VIP access to naturopaths, wellness coaches and healthy recipes with the goal to empower us women to take charge of our mental and physical health naturally. 

“There is no doubt that hormonal issues at any age will change a woman,” Lisa said. “It is uncomfortable, irritating, emotional and until now, has been a rather lonely battle. But menopause, something I am living through at the moment, will affect every woman at some point and more needs to be done to combat the feeling of isolation and despair. 

“To date, we’ve been told to use a form of Hormone Replacement Therapy which can wreak havoc on our bodies, or simply do nothing, which can wreak havoc on our minds.” 

Lisa has experienced serious hormonal imbalances since her early twenties and the lack of natural options available has made it difficult for her to manage her symptoms, so she decided something needed to change. 

Now, at 59, Lisa, Jeff and their team are on a mission to help thousands of women manage their hormonal imbalances naturally.  

“PMS, peri-menopause and menopause are not illnesses. However, the symptoms and not knowing how to alleviate them can leave you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and confused,” said Lisa. 

“Through Happy Healthy You, we want to provide education to let women know they aren’t alone, and to understand that these are natural milestones in life that have been occurring for centuries, and we wanted to create a natural solution to manage it,” she said.

Alongside the community and professional support, Happy Healthy You offers a range of supplements, plant-based herbs, and fermented superfoods for a whole range of women’s health issues. 

The naturopath-developed and endorsed supplements are a popular choice for Australian women experiencing hormonal conditions, with sales growing 100% percent over the last 12 months.   

I started using Happy Hormones as part of my daily health and wellness regime months ago. It is a daily supplement containing herbs and superfoods designed to take care of the reproductive system and for general wellbeing. 

My goal is to be as healthy as I can be as I head into peri-menopause. In the short time, this product has eased my PMS symptoms – much to my husband’s delight and mine! 

So to all my meno-babes I say to you – do not feel alone in this crazy journey because we have access to extensive research, highly-skilled experts in the health and wellness arena and a range of products designed especially for us with Happy Healthy You. 

There is a dedicated Happy Healthy You Facebook Group and also a free online health assessment that will assist with understanding where you are at.

Lisa and the team have created a welcoming community that encourages sharing. The more we know the less you fear, so join the club ladies!

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Listen to our inspiring interview with Lisa on our Everyone has a Story: Conversations from the Sunshine Coast and Noosa podcast on all podcast platforms. 

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