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Paul and Annabelle Riley opened The Light House Noosa in 2017 after moving here from New South Wales. Their homes have been featured in numerous magazines. As lighting designer, Annabelle gives us the inside scoop on how to light your indoor and outdoor space.

Indoor lighting can transform the feel of your entire home. It adds a subtle wow factor and to best utilise the many styles, should be layered. According to Annabelle, your lighting plan should focus on what are you lighting, why are you lighting, how are you going to light it and what not to light.


There are several different lighting types:

  • task lighting (lighting so you can see what you’re doing);
  • ambient lighting (creates the mood);
  • accent lighting (lighting your artworks, etc.); and
  • feature lighting (pendants and chandeliers).

Floor lamps and table lamps also add a layer of lighting to your indoor space.

“Treat light as any other material in your home design,” explained Annabelle.

“As much thought needs to go into your lighting as your colour choices. It’s also important to plan early during your build or renovation so you don’t limit your possibilities.”


When lighting your outdoor area, focus on highlighting architecture and features and how to better display your garden and property. Light garden pathways, pools and water features, jetties, walls and gates, and entrance ways. According to Annabelle, when it comes to lighting, quite often less is more.

These days, most outdoor lights are LED which uses significantly less power than old school halogen lighting. When LED came out it was quite harsh and bright, but the quality of lighting has improved so much.

Top Tips

  • Know your beam angles (i.e. the lower the beam angle the more luxe the feel)
  • Keep your colour temperature consistent (warm and cool)
  • Don’t over light – less is more
  • Layer your lighting
  • Don’t underestimate the power of lighting and the value it can add to your home
  • Upgrade to LED to reduce your power consumption
  • Be careful with metal choices due to rust (bronze, brass and copper won’t rust whereas stainless will)
Want more?

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