New Year, New You!

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Exercise is important for everybody no matter your age and, as Erin Yarwood explains, if you don’t use it, you will lose it!

I’m not saying 65 is old, but it is around this age when the body starts slowing down or, at least not perform as well as it used to. If we don’t mindfully do something about it, everything can go a little downhill. As the old saying goes, “use it, or lose it!”

Sadly, less than 20 per cent of adults aged 65 and over are involved in a regular form of physical activity. This is a shame because the benefits of exercise are endless. Not only does it make you feel and look better but can reduce your risk of suffering anything nasty like a stroke, heart disease, heart attack or worse still, heart failure.

Statistics show one of the best ways to try and avoid these conditions, along with eating a healthy diet, is exercise. Aim for at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week to improve your wellbeing.

Try walking, bowling, dancing, riding a bike and even gardening. I know it can be hard sometimes to start something new, like beginning an exercise regime, especially if you have never really done anything along those lines before. The best thing to do is to simply start.

So many people at my studio come in for their first session and when they finish say “I have been procrastinating for so long to come, but that wasn’t as bad as I thought.” From that moment on, they’re hooked! The Gentle Exercise classes are some of my biggest, most popular classes; which is truly heartwarming, particularly when ages range from 65 to 83 – and they love it.

The main reason is that they can all see and feel the benefits of regular and fun movement. Most have improved balance, speed, reflexes, strength, posture, core and confidence, just to name a few. Their jaws also get a good workout! It’s great to have fun and be active and social at the same time.

Physical activity and movement don’t have to be boring or mundane. This makes you feel happier, more confident and more inclined to continue with a new regime. So if you may be a little less active than you could or should be, do yourself a favour and just start. The new you will thank you.

Did you know?

Our metabolism slows down as we age, and regular exercise can boost it back up. Physical exercise does wonders for your mental health. Get moving and see how much brighter you feel. Exercise lowers the risk of illness and disease and improves your immune system.

Exercise increases flexibility and eases aches and pains. Being active improves sleeping patterns. You’ll sleep better and wake up feeling more fresh and energised. Exercises that require coordination, momentum and reflexes are also great stimulation for the brain.

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For over a decade, Erin has been putting people through their paces and encouraging them to be the best they can be, while keeping a healthy and active lifestyle – and having fun! She specialises in personal training and teaches a vast range of fitness classes out of E-Fitness – her vibrant, fun and welcoming personalised fitness studio in Cooroy where her one-year-old daughter, Aluna provides a welcome distraction.

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