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Tony Cox checks out Noosa’s newest addition to the craft beer scene and gives it the big thumbs up!

Boiling Pot Brewing Co is a recent addition to Noosa’s craft beer scene. Sitting on a site that once housed an electrical business, it has made use of an existing premises rather than being a purpose-built operation.

Remaining true to its original industrial facade, inside it has undergone a radical transformation to create a very user-friendly space, which houses the brewery.

While the concrete floor remains, having received a cosmetic polish, it is the creation of an elevated beer garden which  captures the afternoon breezes. The native trees provide shade and a buffer from the streetscape and the use of cantilevered windows aid the indoor/outdoor flow making Boiling Pot a great space to kick back with friends and relax.

Although the main ethos is to create beers that are approachable and toned down a little on the hop meter, Boiling Pot’s beers are designed to be flavoursome and interesting without the overdone hop additions that inhabit many beers in that craft beer space.

In fact, the entire concept revolves around inclusiveness. Starting with their en pointe wine list and locally-distilled spirits range, proudly catering to non-beer drinkers. The menu selection steers away from atypical dude food, with its emphasis on carb and/or deep fried food. Instead, they focus on dishes more likely to be seen in a wine bar including oysters, charcuterie, antipasto, goulash and German snags with sauerkraut. Not ignoring their extensive pizza offerings, it was the delicious wedge of hot smoked trout and salad that grabbed my attention on this sunny afternoon.

Being the only guy in a group of four, my female companions commented very favourably on not just the food and beverage selections but also the overall vibe of the space. Again, far from the standard brewery feel, the afternoon sun gleaming through the wide-open doors made for a very relaxed and unassuming invitation into the experience of this space. One guest stated it is the kind of place that could become her regular haunt!

The main reason you have a brewery is the beer and Boiling Pot is fastidious in its quality control across the entire logistics chain to ensure that wherever you enjoy their beers every step has been carefully choreographed. The absolute necessity to guarantee each beer is enjoyed in pristine condition every time is something owner John Madill and the brewing team take very seriously.

Product branding is big part of success and Boiling Pot manages to nail it with each new line that is introduced.

John’s approach is youthful, thoughtful, fun and always in line with the flavour and beer style being introduced. While its wholesale line is fast filling the shelves of bars and restaurants around Australia, it is the local love and adoration of these beers that proves John knows his audience.

As the driver, I tried two very different beers – a delicious lager and the Mary Valley Saison. The lager was light and refreshing with pleasant hop bitterness; while the Saison was honeyed, rich and fruity, more in the stone fruit spectrum with apricot to the fore than the tropical notes normally seen in a Pacific Ale.

The Golden Ale, which I had been fortunate to consume on a different occasion, is a lovely session beer with malt richness, not heavy on hop bitterness and not over the top on alcohol.

I can’t wait to get back and try the full range of beers on offer here and with the girls being every bit as comfortable and catered to as the beer drinkers amongst us, I don’t think it will be just me suggesting our next visit.

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After 25 years of sniffing, swirling, spitting and slurping various vinous temptations our wine writer has decided that his future lies firmly planted on the consumption and storytelling side. Tony not only still enjoys consulting about wine and other beverages but is now part of the successful Kate Cox Real Estate Team at Reed & Co. Estate Agents.

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