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Whether showing off his ball skills on Sunshine Beach or joining his fur-midable mates for a little café culture, Helen Flanagan says Angus knows how to raise the woof!

Why would you give a Kelpie Huntaway dog the Celtic name of Angus instead of something relevant to its Aussie/Kiwi breeding and characteristics? Easy. Kelpie means ‘water spirit’ in Scottish folklore, it’s also a town, plus his ‘parents’ loved their visit to the country of castles and bagpipes so much, it seemed appropriate. 

Giving up life on a property in Dubbo was easy for 10-week-old Angus when Jenny-Lea and Ian Charlier decided to follow her parents’ fondness for the Kelpie Huntaway’s loyal, fun and loving character. 

On the long drive back to Sydney in a carrier, whimpers were placated by Jenny-Lea’s cuddles and Angus quickly forgot all about his birth mum and dad, who rounded up sheep for a shearer. 

These days 7.5-year-old Angus lives at Sunshine Beach, his best place on earth.

“He ‘believes’ having his bed next to ours is because the ‘pack’ should always stay together,” explains a besotted Jenny-Lea, who ensures he sticks to a fairly strict diet including a weekly raw egg for a shiny coat and a bully twist for white teeth. 

“He ‘tells’ us when it’s time for bed and will not eat breakfast without one of us present,” she said. “When we’re away he enjoys the Eumundi Pet Resort but is always happy to come home. 

“He loves everyone – adults, children and especially babies. Their feet are so good to lick, however puppies are a no-go. They jump at his face looking for a big lick. Without a doubt, he prefers to be the licker not the lickee. 

“He also likes to stare down a fly, lull them into a false sense of security, and when they move, he springs. His determination to rid the world of flies is admirable.”

Every day Angus joins other four-footers at dog-friendly North Sunshine in the hard sand at low tide, to show off his ball skills. Afterwards he catches up with a diverse bunch of fellow pawsome pals in Sunshine Beach Village for coffee, including a Labrador, Flat Coat Retriever, Golden Retriever, Dachshund and Jack Russell. 

There’s Harriet, Finn and José, besties Mocha and Gus, but he’s sweet on Bodhi, a light brown kelpie. Angus first met her when the Charliers moved to Sunshine Beach. 

Sadly, love has not reciprocated but he lives in hope of bringing her around one day. 

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