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Image source: Photographer Ian Waldie

Rachel Sullivan knows all about Lovely Things including as Helen Flanagan discovered, a pawfectly pawsch party girl called Ava.

Doris Day made famous a song that went along the lines of “How much is the doggie in the window, the one with the waggly tail…” a thought in the minds of many who visit Lovely Things Gift Shop in Noosa Junction, where miniature Schnauzer Ava laps up all the attention she can get as the star of meet-and-greet. 

Everyone in Arcadia Walk and surrounds knows Ava so when she has a day off to mingle with other four-footers, customers ask after her, not owner Rachel Sullivan, who sort-of understands as the 16-month-old has a big personality. 

“She is the first Schnauzer that my husband Geoff and I have had but we’ve long admired a friend’s pooch,” she said. “They really are the perfect small breed, very smart, with few health problems, do not shed and importantly these days, comes from a reputable and well-researched breeder. 

“We had a long wait, but it was worth it especially after our first bad experience with a breeder who said our puppy died, but I think she was offered more money, something it seems was happening everywhere.

“When the call finally came that Ava was ready, we couldn’t believe our luck.  Finally picking her up and seeing the tiny 10-week-old puppy we were overjoyed. 

“Ava means ‘life’ and the timing was perfect especially for Geoff who was recovering from a major heart attack.” 

Ava’s humour keeps Rachel and Geoff in stitches with antics such as sitting upside down in her toy box ‘talking’ in a funny voice, hiding (her head) in slippers, hanging over a chair outside looking in and ‘talking’ away. 

At parties, she dresses for the occasion and is the centre of attention. The Fluffet, a 17-year-old Himalayan cat she loves to terrorise, is obviously not a fan. 

“Food-wise Ava has a healthy raw food diet,” says Rachel who naturally stocks lovely things for pet lovers, such as leads, bandanas, collars, toys and products with dog motifs. 

“She also loves apples, blueberries, honey and carrots, and could easily be named Dyson the way she vacuums around wherever she goes. Ultimately, she is our world, and we love her.”

With the world at her feet and a shop full of lovely admirers, there is no dollar amount that could buy this particular doggie in the window.

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