Peregian Pantry Bursting With Gelato

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It takes just a few minutes to demolish a cone of gelato, but did you know it takes over a month to learn how to make this delicious sweet treat?

Peregian Pantry owner Monica Werner opened to the doors to her gelataria and deli in May this year after returning from Italy where she attended a university for gelato making.

“I picked up a magazine in the UK and there was a story about the best gelato shops in the region. All of the owners talked about a gelato university in Italy,” Monica recalls.

“I couldn’t believe there was such a thing but I thought we could do with a great gelataria in Peregian Beach.”

Soon after, Monica was on a plane to Italy where she would learn the art of gelato making alongside 32 other sweet tooths who had enrolled in the four-week course.

“It was such a magical experience,” Monica recalls.

“There was so much love and joy as we bonded over hot milk and sugar.”

Monica recalls wondering how hard it could be to make gelato, but 5-hour lectures and afternoons spent churning gelato soon showcased why making gelato is an art form.

“The process is actually scientific,” she says. “Making gelato is all about balance and there is a real art when it comes to getting the balance right.

“You have different ingredients that behave differently and you need to coax them into freezing. Salt and sugar, for example, don’t freeze, but with the right balance you can create the perfect consistency and gelato.”

For Monica, learning to make gelato at a dedicated university was the best way to learn and she now hand makes gelato daily on Italian machines right in Peregian Pantry, her Peregian store.

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