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An iconic, unforgettable brand with legacy, heritage, eternal style and an immediate recognisable aesthetic at its core – Leslie Clough profiles what makes Polo Ralph Lauren on of the most timeless fashion brands.

The preppy, effortless and ever fresh silhouettes, colours and patterns of Polo Ralph Lauren provide not only for timeless classic dressing, it’s as if the brand was designed with our breezy, active and outdoor coastal lifestyle and climate in mind. With a stunning and welcoming retail space at Sunshine Plaza, the Spring 2021 Polo line has something beautiful for everyone!

From humble beginnings selling his wares out of a tiny space in the Empire State Building and delivering to stores around New York City himself, Mr Lauren has become one of the most successful and respected forces in fashion. His impeccable eye, keen intellect and solid background in men’s tailoring has seen him design clothes with enduring quality, appeal and panache. These are “forever” pieces, meant to be donned and worn with pride, comfort and delight for many years, then handed down to the next (stylish) generation.

Starting his Polo line in 1967, Ralph’s signature cotton mesh shirt was originally marketed with the catchphrase – “every team has its colour- Polo has 17”. Colour remains a prominent part of the Polo allure, as do traditional patterns such as tartan, gingham and stripes; every season reimagined afresh. For Spring 2021, we see for the lady an exceptional melange of the ever-popular nautical navy and white stripes, and joyful hues of clear pink, blue and sunny yellow rendered in lightweight fabrics for maximum ease. Similarly, blue-based florals and tartans come to the fore, and equestrian and polo design elements in bold shades give a fresh lift to the gentleman’s Spring wardrobe.

The design, workmanship and quality of fabric and cut are second to none. Should you procure a piece of clothing from Polo Ralph Lauren, you’re in exceptional company, the brands clothes being worn in many film productions including The Great Gatsby (Robert Redford’s pink suit!) and Annie Hall, with Diane Keaton’s unforgettably unique and charming ensembles in this classic film.

Always moving with, and acutely aware of, the times, a driving force of the RL corporation is sustainability. Current objectives for the brand are creating garments from more sustainable materials and employing circular design and business models, greatly reducing any adverse impact on our precious environment by focusing on production using renewable energy, minimising waste and implementing water saving technology going forward. The company also sees human capital as exactly that, human. Polo Ralph Lauren is passionately invested in creating positive social change in which supporting the wellbeing of employees, it’s partners and the community at large are paramount.

Polo Ralph Lauren, an inspiring, ever beautiful clothing brand with a strong beating human heart and timeless and classic spirit.


Here are the directions for the Polo Ralph Lauren Spring 2021 season:

Navy Nomad – women’s Polo Ralph Lauren

Spring is inspired by the glamour and spontaneity of travel, whether it be physical or a state of mind, especially given the current global climate. Creative Director Michael Rider has drawn on the idea of the woman who collects garments and keepsakes not only from her travels, but also from seemingly ordinary occasions made special by memories her collectibles evoke. This collection, grounded in navy, blues, and whites, is filled with beautiful pieces that will last a lifetime and can be styled in a myriad of different ways to reflect the unique style of each wearer. Classic nautical stripes come together with beautiful blue florals and plaids to create a familiar yet refreshing Spring line, accented by artisanal details like seashells and patchwork, unique to Polo Ralph Lauren.

 Polo Club – men’s Polo Ralph Lauren

All-time Preppy Icons featuring beautiful, bold colour and seasonal favourites for warming weather. Polo match and equestrian-inspired prints and crests mix in alongside perennial Spring fabrics and patterns. Cool for Millbrook, better for Bleecker Street, Polo Club brings the stables to the city. Featuring bold colour across all categories, and effortlessly combining timeless casual and tailored elements, this collection depicts Ralph Lauren’s elevated prep sensibility with bohemian ease for an all-encompassing spring wardrobe.

Looking ahead to Summer 2021:

Garden Party – women’s Polo Ralph Lauren

Summer evokes the charm of a southern United States garden party. A cheerful colour palette of blues, pinks, and splashes of yellow channel sunny days, blue skies, and flowers in full bloom. Lightweight fabrications beckon to be worn outside. The collection is a mix of happy, preppy, traditional programs such as: checks, plaids, ginghams, and madras – as well as textural whites and sweet floral prints.

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