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This year has certainly been one of adjusting to the impact and affect Covid-19 has had on our lives, health and wellness. Katrina Thorpe examines the importance of resetting.

Our lives, in one way or another have changed and for all of us it seems to be a time of constant adaptation to life lived in a different way. Coined the ‘new normal’ we are resetting our lives, regrouping ourselves and hopefully with friends, family and work, recharging our sense of wellbeing and finding where we go from here.

There’s a lot of talk about ‘Resetting the World with Wellness’ and the Global Wellness Institute is working to create a better, healthier and less unjust world in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. Through necessity, wellness activities and lifestyle have crept into our everyday life during covid and now we have the chance to evolve, grow and discover all forms of wellness to create a better world.

Resetting your Wellness

Never have we seen such a demand for all sectors of wellness and while it’s a positive shift to see more people taking care of themselves and each other, it’s the stress levels and emotional changes caused by lifestyle shifts that are the key drivers to the demand of resetting one’s wellness.

There’s an undeniable rise in wanting to keep well and healthy at present to avoid or be able to cope with a virus but a major contributing factor to seeking help for improved wellness is largely due to overcoming or combating the stress we feel from the lifestyle adjustments we are processing. Stress, anxiety, sadness, loneliness or feeling overwhelmed, are the main triggers to an upward trend for the wellness market at present. However, people are seeking help to improve their health and wellbeing and this is a shift in the right direction.

Fortunately, there’s a wide variety of ways to improve your wellness and it’s important that you choose a few options that are best suited to you and your happiness or lifestyle. Choose the wellness activities you enjoy, like or gain benefit from because that means you will make them part of your life to maintain your future wellness.

The basic rules to wellness are to do something active, something passive, nourish your body, build on your mental resilience and always include the things you like to do, as well as making time for the people that you love.

“Selfcare is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.”

Regrouping yourself, family and friends

Lifestyle changes are taking a bit of adjustment for many of us at present by regrouping ourselves to move in a different direction to the new way we are now living. Just by recognising the changes, processing them or getting help to do this and moving forward can help you regroup or adapt to the ‘new normal’.

One step at a time, talking to others and taking time to care for yourself during the transition all helps your health and wellness.

The lack of contact with others during covid made us all realise how precious time is when we spend it with family and friends to share hugs, kisses, touch and human connection. It’s a necessity we all thrive on as humans. There have been many families separated this year due to work commitments and border closures and as restrictions ease the trend for wellness together activities have increased.

Being part of a regular yoga, Pilates or gym class has been a popular shift to a better wellness lifestyle while belonging to a community group, surf club or other association where we come together with likeminded people are also good for the soul and mental health.

Recharge this summer

What recharges you? You should do that! To many of us recharging means a holiday, escaping the daily routine of work and home life. Yet for some, not being able to be at home with family due to covid restrictions this year; staying home is probably where you prefer to be.

Many of us have already spent a lot more time at home so seeking a holiday in another destination is a priority for recharging.

No matter where you choose to be this summer, give yourself time to reset, regroup or recharge with some time to switch off and zone out from the daily routine of life to do the things you enjoy.

While you are in Noosa there is so much on offer to recharge yourself this summer and you will find places to see and things to do within the pages of this magazine or by checking out our local tourism body website at

Building resilience, the ability to adapt to change and manage stress takes time but if you need help seek advice from your medical practitioner and starting with some selfcare is a step in the right direction.

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With qualifications and years of experience in health, wellness, beauty, management and business, culminating in the creation of Ikatan Day Spa, Katrina has a passion for everything relating to the wellness world and loves to share her knowledge, experience and research with others. Katrina is an active member of our community with involvement in tourism and charity work.

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