Sensory Beauty

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You probably have it already, you just don’t realise it happens without you knowing but now it has a name, a tagline and it’s a real thing! Katrina Thorpe delves into the world of ‘Sensory Beauty’.

The look, feel and aroma of our products is an important factor in what we choose to use. Have you ever thought about why certain aromas or the look or feel of a product appeals to you? 

Does the style and feel of a product remind you of something, somewhere or someone. Does the aroma lift you up or calm you down. Perhaps it’s also the reason you don’t purchase something?

We all seek products that deliver results for our skin and body but there’s a trend taking over the beauty world, endeavouring to transport us to a better, more relaxed place.

It’s been coined ‘Sensory Beauty’ and it’s mostly about the aromas in our skincare routines and I personally also choose products that suit my style of bathroom, or feel good to apply. 

It is all about what appeals to the senses – how the look, feel and aroma of our beauty products can have a positive effect on our state of mind, while at the same time protecting, nourishing, restoring, healing, calming or rejuvenating our body.

Encouraging several senses to be tapped into all at once to help us embark on a calming journey for our bodies, minds and souls is what I see emerging with renewed focus and awareness –  expect to see ‘Sensory Beauty’ branded and promoted in the near future.

For as long as we have been using skincare products, aromas such as lavender, rose and geranium have been ingredients that multi-task to help skin, but they were not promoted for the effects they might have on our minds.

Sensory Beauty is also about touch and it’s as simple as taking a little time to slowing down our skincare routines, paying attention to our senses in the process. 

Feel the touch of your hands as they slowly massage a product on your skin. My favourite products to do this with include my facial cleanser, body wash and moisturiser where I take deliberate time with soothing, slow massage to apply to my skin. 

When shampooing my hair, I take time to massage my scalp, especially when applying conditioner. Close your eyes and breathe in the aroma as the steam of the shower surrounds you, it’s an experience, not a chore to wash your hair this way.  

For many years I have used a lemongrass invigorating body wash to shower in the morning. 

It’s a great way to wake up and start the day but for a more calming shower in the evening I prefer a soft floral aroma to wash away the day and calm my mind. 

Why not have a choice of body washes? It doesn’t cost any more, they just take longer to use both. 

I’m excited about this renewed awareness of Sensory Beauty because it’s always been there, but I feel it’s relevant now in bringing a wellness connection to our senses through products designed to be kind to your skin while contributing to your overall wellbeing, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Your body hears and feels what your mind says and it’s a reminder for ourselves that beauty is sensory and that we are worth the time for daily selfcare as well as making the time to be cared for by beauty professionals who have been trained to soothe your senses.

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With qualifications and years of experience in health, wellness, beauty, management and business, culminating in the creation of Ikatan Day Spa, Katrina has a passion for everything relating to the wellness world and loves to share her knowledge, experience and research with others. Katrina is an active member of our community with involvement in tourism and charity work.

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