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So, you thought the Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company only sold natural cleaning products to keep the home sparkling and chemical free? Think again! Bec Marshall discovers that your hands, face and body can also get that healthy, natural glow.

It’s the largest organ of the human body, but let’s face it: our skin gets a rough trot.

It cops sun damage, ageing, acne, warts, cuts, bruises, sensitivities and allergies; not to mention the creams, lotions, potions and sprays that we spread all over ourselves every day.

Think about this layer-upon-layer approach from your skin’s perspective and pretty soon, you start asking questions.

What’s in all that stuff? What’s it doing to your skin? Could it be doing more harm than good? Are the ingredients toxic, synthetic or harmful? Is there a natural alternative?

The Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company (AEOC) can help answer that final question. And that’s good news for the health of your skin, the environment and the planet.

This fifth-generation family-owned business started out distilling eucalyptus oil in the late 1800s before branching out to offer natural cleaning products such as laundry powder, household cleaners and sprays that are free from toxic chemicals and artificial fragrances.

Chemical-free body range

The Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company range of body products includes pure Castile soap hand washes, body oils and a dazzling array of quality essential oils, plus a rinse-free hand wash (sanitiser), a deodorising foot spray and an Aussie bush spray to ward off mozzies.

And if you visit the Noosa Junction store in person, you’ll find an impressive selection of EcoTan natural tanning products.

Managing Director Tony Taig promises these certified organic products are easy on both the skin and nose.

“There’s no awful smell,” Tony said. “EcoTan is a massive company from the Gold Coast who are a very similar-minded business to us. They don’t use any toxic chemicals and their tan colourings are actually made with caramels and chocolate.”

What is Castile soap?

Castile soap is the most natural soap you can get. Named after the Castile region in Spain, famous for its olive oil, this type of soap is made with plant oils. The Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company is one of the few outlets in the nation using Castile soap in its range of handwashes.

“It is really moisturising on skin and has such a nice feel on your hands,” Tony said. “It has no toxic chemicals and is fragranced with essential oil combinations like grapefruit, orange and lime; bergamot, geranium and rose; and eucalyptus and lemon myrtle oil – bergamot is our most popular.

“We also have an unscented hand wash for extra sensitive skin. It’s great for dry hands and eczema.

“A lot of hand washes, especially the soaps from the supermarket, dry your hands and body out because they’re all synthetic ingredients and not really good for you. A lot of the ingredients in fragrance chemicals are triggers for eczema.”

The good oil

There are 29 types of 100% pure essential oils available on the AEOC website, in 15 ml and 50 ml bottles.

Scents include eucalyptus (of course), lemon scented tea tree, clove, lavender, pine, orange, cedar, jojoba, patchouli, peppermint and more.

Tony said they also represent amazing value. The AEOC lavender oil is half the price of most other merchants and, at $22 for 15 ml, its frankincense oil would comparatively sell for $115 elsewhere.

These versatile oils can be used in a variety of ways and are just perfect in a diffuser or inside one of the Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company’s stunning, hand-crafted banksia scent pots.

The Pure Body Oil can be used anywhere on the body and helps keep skin feeling fresh and silky smooth.

Great for after-shaving or to improve stretch marks, it’s a luxurious blend of almond oil, hemp oil, rosehip oil, lime oil and orange oil, lightly fragranced with mandarin and lime.

Unlike conventional lotions and creams that often contain synthetic ingredients, this totally natural body oil is made from pure and natural ingredients that are beneficial for your skin.

Did you know?

You can now find Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company products in White’s IGA stores on the Sunshine Coast.


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