The Art of Travelling Well with Holistic Health Noosa

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As Courtney Alderson discovers, wellness tourism is a growing trend with travellers becoming increasingly focused on the pursuit of maintaining one’s personal wellbeing on the go. It’s no surprise that a local business is making it their personal mission to keep your healthy habits strong whilst at home – or on holiday.

If you’re like me, I like to pack a lot into my travel itinerary. From taking in the sights and raiding the shops and markets to pursuing unique culinary experiences – quite often feeling more tired and a couple of kilos heavier than refreshed upon my return home. 

Maintaining your healthiest habits and caring about your holiday health can seem all but impossible when you’re on holiday, but as I’ve discovered it’s about to get a hell of a lot easier thanks to the team at Holistic Health Noosa.

“When your environment and schedule get thrown off, it can be a challenge to maintain the healthy routine you worked so hard to implement throughout the year,” Holistic Health Noosa founder Josie Burton said. “Not to mention all of the added variables and distractions during the holidays — from social obligations to decadent meals.”

A former professional dancer and competitive gymnast, Josie’s journey into personal training and mindset coaching was a natural one. 

Having already built a successful personal training business, the progression into a mobile service where she could help locals and holiday-makers stay on track with their fitness goals in the comfort of their own space seemed fitting – the idea of Holistic Health Noosa was born. 

“I was a dance teacher and gymnastics coach for ten years and it got to a point where I wanted to branch out, take on more study and reach a wider audience using my skills, background and knowledge,” Josie said. “During this time, I spent number of years overseas including in Los Cabos, Mexico where I learnt to speak fluent Spanish and teach and coach visitors from around the world.

“I’ve always wanted to do my own thing and to have a team of like-minded, qualified people around me who have a passion for natural health and wellbeing.”

A combination of professional training, research and a drive to succeed led her to design a unique approach to personal training.

“I like to fuse traditional training with mindfulness which means I combine functional strength training, body mechanics, nutrition and flexibility with methods that benefit both mind and body,” she said. “This technique helps to increase energy, optimise hormones, reduce stress, and improve overall wellness.”

Backed by a team of wellness-driven women, Josie says Holistic Health Noosa offers a host of private and personalised sessions in personal training, yoga, pilates and massage. 

“The girls I work with are amazing in their field of expertise. They’ve learnt how to listen to their own body, how to use it effectively and how to train in an optimal way. This is what makes our sessions so effective,” she said.

“For us, a healthy body and mindset comes when it flows into your life naturally. Exercise should become part of your lifestyle, not take it over, so we are here to really engage with our clients and listen to them and their health and wellbeing needs.”

Whether you are looking to sweat it out, stretch it out or simply want to maintain your healthy lifestyle, the girls have you covered.

“We can come to you and provide all the equipment needed for the session,” Josie said. “Our online booking system makes it easy for clients to book with us and support is always available.

“We aim to help people achieve their health, fitness, posture, mental well-being and lifestyle balance goals with ease – and fun. As a team, we endeavour to make every session enjoyable as well as professional.” 

With an unrivalled passion, room to expand and a growing interest in wellness tourism, Holistic Health Noosa is on a path to healthy success!

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  • Josie Burton
    Jun, 2022

    What a pleasure it was working with the IN Noosa team. We absolutely love sharing our passion and expertise with the beautiful Noosa/Sunshine Coast communities.
    Keep in touch! HHN x

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