Time To Face The Benefits Of Regular Facials

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What we do and what we think shows in our face. The more stress, pressure and overwhelmed we feel the more we see those feelings reflected in the mirror. Katrina Thorpe explores the many benefits of regular facials.

Have you ever noticed the difference in how a person looks before and after a holiday? Where stress is less, the mind and body are more relaxed and so are the muscles on your face. If a short break from daily life can change the look of your face so easily why not maintain that look during times of stress, when we are more likely to frown. Good facials include massage that relaxes the muscles of the face while decreasing the tension and lines that show your stress.

While there is a lot that can be done to try and deal with the lines on our face by protecting and repairing your skin with skincare, most people wear their stress on their face regardless of how good their skin products and care routine is.

A stressful, aged or tired-looking face can be changed with a facial that includes a good face massage. Not only does a facial offer deep cleansing, exfoliation or peels to remove dead, dull skin, it also often includes corrective masks and serums. It’s the skill of the face massage that makes a big difference to your face.

When your face is massaged, your peripheral nerve endings around your forehead and face love the soothing touch as it calms the body and slows your breath. A therapist can literally see your face change as they massage away stress and tension in the muscles of your face. When you’re shocked, stressed, deep in thought, there is a tendency to touch your forehead, much the same as when someone is unwell or upset.

It’s the area we instinctively stroke in a caring way because it is soothing. Your mind perceives the same calming responses when you drift away during the touch of a soothing facial massage. The jaw is an area that is often clenched tight without you realising and the tension often flows through to the neck and head.

A massage of the cheeks, jaw and chin helps relax the tight muscles. As skilled therapists massage the face they usually incorporate lymphatic drainage techniques to reduce puffiness and massage to increase blood supply to the face in a gentle way. Most facials include the décolletage, neck, upper shoulders and scalp, which is well worth the messy hair, as it helps release tension in areas where a lot of people hold stress.

Any time of year is great for a facial and winter is the perfect time to have more intensive facial peels to remove dull, dead skin, as you are less likely to be out in the sun. Some people are apprehensive about having facials or their face touched. Times have changed and so have facials in the way they are done and what is used.

Twenty years ago facials were all about extractions and steaming the face leaving you blotchy and reactive but today skincare is advanced yet gentle. There are specific ranges now for sensitive skin, vegan, organic skincare or cosmeceuticals without any perfume or harmful ingredients and the products now tend to give instant results of looking relaxed and refreshed immediately after a facial.

If you’re worried about reactions to skincare, ask the spa or clinic for a patch test, where a small amount of skincare is put on your skin in an inconspicuous area as a test for a response. You want to be able to relax during a facial and knowing your skin won’t react is important for your enjoyment.

Owning a Day Spa, where fifteen years ago massages were the majority of bookings, the past five years has seen facials increasing as a more popular choice of treatment, especially when included in packages.

If you’re apprehensive or can’t find the time to have a facial, make the most of taking a few extra minutes to massage your face daily while you cleanse your skin. Pop on a mask, serum or oil and massage your face while you listen to relaxing music or watch TV.

If you’re not sure how to massage your face, you will find numerous YouTube clips to give you ideas on what to do. Generally, soothing upward and outward strokes to the face, not too firm. Be kind to yourself and relax while massaging your face. Have a look at yourself before and after and you will be pleasantly surprised.

So, treat yourself to a mini holiday with some time out for a facial at your favourite day spa. Your face will thank you for it!

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