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Blink Living was well ahead of its time when it launched its property styling business thirteen years ago. Carly Wade discovers the art of timeless style with founder Di Conley.

How and when was your business born? 

In 2008, after years of working as a designer doing renovations I wanted to create something new. 

Property styling seemed like a new and exciting business opportunity so we started small and as we’ve grown so has acceptance of the fact that styling a property for sale is the best way to achieve the best result. 

Many of our new interior design customers have bought properties we have styled and we are now helping them furnish their new homes. 

What do you love most about Blink Living? 

The team – all talented, all delightful people. We have so much creative fun its not like a real job!! 

How would you describe your personal style and how it translates to your business? 

Timeless and understated quality. We have quite a few pieces in our styling stock that were purchased over 10 years ago. They always work and are on high rotation with our stylists. 

What are some of the elements that set your business apart? 

The high standard of our property styling along with friendly and professional service. We have over two million dollars worth of beautiful designer furniture, art & accessories. 

Also our retail showroom where we offer design advice and sell a designer-only brand, Globewest to the public. 

What is your most popular/favourite product right now?

The Kennedy Beckett Sofa Chair in burnt orange velvet 

 What are the current interior design directions?

Calming spaces, curves in cabinetry and furniture. Elevated neutrals, soothing textures, organic shapes.

Marble and travertine have returned from the eighties. 

What is popular in terms of colours and texture?

Natural tones of rust, sage, chalk, putty with beautiful deep coloured velvets, tweeds & boucle. 

What are your top tips when it comes to finding the perfect style for your home?

Start with neutrals in paint colours and large pieces of furniture such as sofas, and add colour and texture in the art, rugs and accessories. 

What do you love about being in Noosa?

I love the fresh air and the natural beauty surrounding us on the coast. Our culture is becoming more diverse with people bringing in new concepts that make us more inclusive and interesting. 

What is your go-to to make any room come alive? 

Absolutely it’s art. It transforms a space. 

What styling advice do you have?

Most people have trouble parting with old furniture that does not work any longer. We all have sentimental pieces but try to minimize these and make room for things you love. 

Clutter is the worst thing in a home. Not only is it bad feng shui but it makes us feel stressed. 

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