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There’s a new positive shift towards the remote office and with that, it means not only working from home but also working from anywhere. It’s being coined as a ‘digital nomad’, which allows you to travel or work wherever, as long as you get the work done.

We have already seen an increase in visitors to Noosa taking up the digital nomad opportunity to work remotely. Flexibility in working space allows for a change of scenery and opportunity for a lifestyle shift. While we can’t travel far or wide at present, Noosa is the ideal wellness wonderland to visit when you’re able to ditch the peak hour commute into a city, the boardroom meetings or hours spent at the office for working in a different location. Working remotely is easily combined with some time spent on your health and wellness, with the added benefits of working from wherever.

When travelling, one of the most common things people seek is to ‘live like a local’, to immerse one’s self in the local lifestyle for a true experience of how others live and this is proving to be a particularly attractive reason the digital nomads are choosing Noosa as their location. Living a healthier lifestyle in Noosa’s wellness wonderland is easy when we have so much on offer. Here’s five things to get you started to live like a local the wellness way:

1. Get up early to join the healthy lifestyle social scene. Exercise is personal choice but you will find we get up early in Noosa, especially if you’re a cyclist. Our beaches and river area are a hive of activity at sun-up, with groups of like-minded people meeting up to go surfing, paddling, swimming all year round. Our shorelines are abuzz with runners, walkers, dogs and prams, personal trainers, yoga and Tai Chi but what I love most is the regular laughter you hear over coffee in cafes after exercise, because for most of us it’s our social catch up time and usually before 8am!

2. Eat healthy the local way. With so many great cafes, restaurants and coffee spots on offer in Noosa you will find most have the dietary needs covered. Majority of menus reflect lifestyle choices from paleo, vegan, raw food, gluten free and all the other options you might want along with a multitude of beverages and coffees with more styles of milk and mylk than anything else on the menu. Look out for the Slow Food Noosa Snail of Approval venues to know you are getting the best good, clean and fair food.

3. Time out, down time and your time. Whatever way you choose to chill-out you will find places in Noosa to just be at peace. Meditation on the beach listening to the ocean, immersing yourself in the national park for some green therapy or relaxing with a drink in one of the many sunset hot spots overlooking the beach, river, lookout or Noosa spit are just some ways locals enjoy some down time.

4. Taking care of your wellness. While working remotely sounds great we all know that the stress of work and life accumulates no matter where we work. As the need for work life balance is forever a work in progress, it’s important to manage stress because it doesn’t go away, it just comes in different forms for everyone. Make the time for your body, skin and health maintenance as there are plenty of skilled professionals in Noosa to care for you. Tension in the body from working on devices can be helped with a massage or bodywork and you will find a wide variety of Day Spas, remedial sports specialists and allied health practitioners in Noosa to help you maintain your body, stress and work life balance.

5. Shop and Eat like a conscious local. We are lucky to have a lot of local farmers in the region supplying us with quality, seasonal organic produce found in stores and at our farmers market every Sunday. The aforementioned Slow Food Noosa group is part of a global movement that is all about local, seasonal and fresh. The Snail of Approval as previously mention, means you are getting the very best and encompasses producers, cafes, grocery stores and restaurants. Noosa also has a sustainable fashion movement. You will find some sustainable, ethical clothing stores and designers in Noosa producing quality, unique styles of fashion for all ages and by shopping with them you will have some great wearable finds and also be supporting other community projects.

They say it takes twenty years of living in Noosa before you can call yourself a local but you can live like a local anytime you like by finding all the best local places to shop, relax, eat, drink and stay well within the pages and on the social media channels of IN Noosa Magazine because it’s Noosa’s only locally-owned and operated mag run by passionate people (but I may be biased!).

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With qualifications and years of experience in health, wellness, beauty, management and business, culminating in the creation of Ikatan Day Spa, Katrina has a passion for everything relating to the wellness world and loves to share her knowledge, experience and research with others. Katrina is an active member of our community with involvement in tourism and charity work.

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