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The combination of cooler months, moisture and humidity can see mould taking over your home. Georgia Beard discovers an all-natural solution.

As we slip into the cooler months of autumn, rainfall is rolling in and humidity is on the rise. Heating our homes can trap moisture inside, stifling ventilation and creating the perfect environment for mould to grow.

It might take months for a mould problem to make itself known as it can lie dormant or proliferate in hidden parts of the house causing structural damage. Once the toxic spores become airborne, your health is at risk, irritating the eyes, nose, throat and skin and inflaming respiratory allergies. 

One local family knows these health risks all too well. After experiencing the negative health effects of mould and having them relieved by natural products, Matt and Belinda Morelli sought to help others.

They founded Breathe Easy Queensland and partnered with Xspor Australia to raise awareness around health impacts from mould and to provide a service to help eradicate it from the home and more importantly, prevent its reoccurrence. 

With backgrounds in building design and sustainability, mindfulness, wellbeing and community engagement, the Breathe Easy team use a natural plant enzyme approach to treating mould and airborne contaminants.

Some of the products suitable for residential homes, schools, public or industrial buildings, fitness or health centres, restaurants or aged-care facilities include: 

EnzyCleanse – an organic and environmentally-safe mould cleansing formula which reacts with mould, rendering it harmless while also deodorising the treated area. 

UVC Germicidal Lamp – this Air Disinfection Unit has proven to be effective in killing up to 99.9% of harmful mould, bacteria and viruses. 

Surfex – the world’s first dry surface biofilm remover and surface disinfectant. WIN! A UV-C Air Disinfection Unit. Matt and Belinda know the importance of treating mould before it takes hold, so they’re giving away a Grande Philips UVC Air Disinfection unit valued at $1800. Drawing in contaminated air, the unit’s UVC radiation inactivates up to 90% of micro-organisms within just two hours. To enter, simply book a free healthy space assessment before 1 June 2022.

Call Belinda on 0406 196 568, hello@breatheeasyqld.com.au
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Visible mould spores on walls and surfaces

Condensation on the inside of windows 

Water damage on walls, floors and ceilings 

A damp, musty smell emanating 

Allergy-like symptoms, such as a cough, congested nose and difficulty breathing

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