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After more than 20 years in the food industry, Andrew Simmonds realised local produce wasn’t making it to the plates of local diners. So, he set out to connect farmers with chefs and an app was born, as Jolene Ogle discover.

From the dirt to the dinner plate, local entrepreneur Andrew Simmonds wants to see more local produce on our plates. After working for major wholesale and food manufacturers, Andrew realised the big guys had a hold of the local market supplying chefs.

“I was out there selling products to chefs from major wholesalers and I realised there was a real disconnect,” he says.

“Chefs are busy people and they don’t get to see everything that’s out there. I thought, there must be a better way to connect local farmers to chefs so they can showcase everything they offer.

“It’s also a better way for chefs to see all the produce available around them.”

Andrew had an idea – an app that would make ordering local produce as easy as using social media. FoodXS was created. More than 20 local chefs and suppliers have already joined the FoodXS community, logging on to the app or
online to either sell their produce or order fresh stock for their restaurant.

“It’s so hard for farmers and growers to get out and knock on a café or restaurant’s door. They’re great at farming but they’re too busy to get out. This app seamlessly connects everyone,” Andrew explains.

Growers and farmers simply need to register with FoodXS, load their products and produce that is for sale and let the orders come in. Chefs can simply log on to FoodXS and browse the food categories before placing their order through the app. The supplier will then deliver their produce right to the door of the chef.

It’s easy and a great way to make sure local growers are getting a look in when it comes to supplying local cafes and
restaurants. Andrew says the app will only get better over time as more producers and more chefs join the movement to reduce food waste and help local produce make it to the plates of local diners.

Consumers can also source local produce through the app. Visit for more information.

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