Autumn 2022 Fashion

Image source: Photographer Giselle Peters

We all remember the first time we fell in love. The date that we wanted to never end-a simple coffee together in order to ‘test the waters’, a coffee that turned into a leisurely lunch; a long walk along the beachfront; a sunset aperitif with the waves crashing down their timeless symphony before us; the promise of romance at dinner by candlelight. 

That special rendezvous where we felt honoured, understood, appreciated and heard, where we knew in a heartbeat that things had changed for the better, forever. The day we knew we’d found our true love, our one and only.

This Autumn we draw on that heady, magical feeling of fragile, fledgling, fluttery first love in our fashion story. We fall heavily for our incomparable, magical Hastings Street with its wonderful restaurants and shops, the crystal clear crisp water of Laguna Bay, the wild lush greenery of the National Park, and we remember what it was like to feel the boundless, intoxicating alchemy of magnetic chemistry with another. 

Nature and emotion collide in delightful harmony. The undeniable rapport of our two stunning models Sarada and Valerio not only serves to showcase this season’s finery, it reminds us of the enduring power, passion and purpose of sharing our lives with a special person, in a very special place.

As we reflect on life’s path with our life’s partner, let’s also reflect on our long-standing love affair with this wondrous place, our home, our Noosa. 

Natural, beautiful, refined – she surrounds and envelops us with her pristine perfection. Giving our existence meaning, energy and abundance.

This “place of shadows”- Noosa- from which life and love spring eternal.

Autumn 2022: as the weather cools and the days shorten and we dress ourselves in the season’s new silhouettes and hues – let’s all fall in love again, with Noosa, Laguna Bay, and love itself.

Lesley Clough

Lesley Clough @lesleydawnclough

Melissa Lord, Mischief Hair @getin2mischiefnoosa

Sarada Satori @satoribody 

Valerio Conti @valerioconti90
Find him behind the bar at Nudge Nudge Wink Wink @nnwwnoosa 

Giselle Peters @giselleimages

Assistant crew
Georgia Beard
Bobby Taylor
Deb Caruso

Shot at
Hastings Street Noosa @hastingsstnoosa

The Spit Noosa Dog Beach, Noosa Woods.

Bang Bang Noosa @bangbangnoosa

Feet First Footwear @feetfirstfootwearnoosa

Pixels Australia @pixelsaustralia

Barcade Australia @barcadeaustralia

Locale Noosa @localenoosa

Sofitel Noosa Pacific Resort @sofitelnoosapacific

Happy Pops Noosa @happypopsnoosa

Thanks to Sofitel Noosa Pacific Resort for being our base for wardrobe changes.

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