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Sarah Vercoe meets a local couple who are committed to helping locals step out in style.

Dave & Suze Garozzo from Feet First Footwear

Feet First has been a permanent fixture on Hastings Street for over 25 years. How and when did you come to the business?  

We came to Feet First three years ago and have really enjoyed being part of an iconic piece of Noosa.

 My (Dave) background is in the footwear industry and I’ve found a real passion working in the retail side of things. Right from the start it was important for us to service the locals and look after their footwear needs. 

We love helping them put their best foot forward.

What do you love most about your business?

I love the interaction with our customers, along with fitting them into the most comfortable, quality shoes of course!

 How would you describe your customers? 

We enjoy a wonderful mix of customers who come to us looking for everything from comfortable shoes they can wear every day to a new pair of trainers they can hit the pavement with.

What popular brands can people find in-store?

We stock lots of great brands including Birkenstock, Ecco, Sperry, Frankie 4, Merrell, On Cloud and Asics. We look for shoes that are comfortable, exceptionally well made and stylish.

What do you love most about working IN Noosa?  

The outstanding lifestyle and the people who live here. 

What advice can you share with budding retailers?  

Prioritise excellent customer service; you’ll build a reputation as the most enjoyable place to go shopping!

What can we expect to see on feet IN Noosa and beyond this season? 

The latest styles and colours from our leading international brands! We have a new range from Birkenstock for winter featuring sheepskin lining and Ecco have released some fantastic new walking shoes with Biom Natural Motion technology.

What shoe advice do you have? 

Always wear comfortable, stable shoes that provide arch support. It will help you avoid injuries such as plantar fasciitis and other complications.

If you could only wear one pair of shoes every day which would they be? 

Birkenstocks. They cater for all seasons. The new sheepskin-lined Birkenstocks are so cosy!


Fave Hobby: Socialising

Fave Drink: Wine

Fave Food: Seafood

Fave Colour: Maroon (go the mighty Maroons!)

Fave Saying: Thank you

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