Jewellery Queen Debra Fallowfield

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Carlie Wacker loves all things shiny, artisan and stylish – and discovering the passion and energy behind our inspirational local business owners who bring the bling to brighten up our lives! 

Debra Fallowfield

Debra Fallowfield – Jewellery Artist

How and when was your business born? 

I’ve always been arty – but never followed the art school path. I left New Zealand for Sydney in my late teens and ending up working in the print industry as a retoucher. 

At 23 I did a night course at the local high school in Silversmithing and my jewellery making obsession began!

It took a pregnancy and a move back to NZ to take it from casual hobby to full time business – and even then as a single parent it was a long slow burn.

What do you love about being a jeweller?

It’s every little girls dream playing with diamonds, rubies gold and sapphires right?

As glamorous as it sounds – hand making jewellery is incredibly laborious. My husband Dean and I do everything in-house from the initial design through to Dean insetting the gems into our work using a microscope. 

We are passionate about delivering the highest quality product we can.

We specialise in custom work and it’s always incredible to see people’s faces when they pick up their pieces. Jewellery is not just about the item it’s also an incredibly emotional buy – often we recycle, reuse inherited gems and old jewellery giving it new life. 

This retains memories of loved ones past and there’s been many tearful moments (of joy). I always say we’re making future heirlooms; things that last forever not just a single season.

How would you describe your style? 

Eclectic – I’m a bit of a label queen fashion whore… bold, unique, quirky and not afraid! Being so petite (#short) I’ve always dressed boldly, so as not to be lost in the crowd. 

What do you love about being IN Noosa?

The climate, the proximity to beaches, gorgeous hinterland towns, wonderful restaurants and the fact I can bounce from the “jungle” where we live in the Hinterland to Noosa central in 25 minutes.

What advice can you share with fashion start-ups and retailers?

Find your own voice, your own aesthetic- research, research, research, 

Do not be afraid to try products out at local markets and events, it’s baseline direct marketing at a reasonable price and it also places a human face to your product and teaches essential people and communication skills.

What can we expect from you this season?

I’m loving that jewellery remodelling work is still hot right now and in demand. We have 30-plus jobs to work through currently. 

Fashion-wise, you will see me rocking the lightweight jumpers and long sleeve dresses with my statement eyewear.

What styling advice do you have?

Dress to your body shape, forget trends and always be happy in what your wearing! 

Don’t be afraid of colour and if you find a day dress style that suits you, get a dressmaker to whip up a few in different fabrics.

What fashion item can you NOT live without?

Funky glasses frames – I have dozens! 

They serve two reasons: to make an outfit plus I’m as blind as a bloody bat, so it’s a necessary evil! Well, that’s what I tell the husband every time I buy a new frame!! I NEED them lol. 

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