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From the hallowed halls of Edinburgh’s Government building to the sandy shores of Noosa, local lad Scott Christensen has travelled the world to learn the art of building. He’s back in Noosa, ready to turn humble abodes into dream homes, as Jolene Ogle discovers.

Not many people would look with excitement at a job site squeezed down the back of a block and bordered by sand
dunes, but for Scott of SEC Constructions this is just the kind of building project that he loves. Anything weird, unusual or complicated is his go-to and something that is sure to get those creative juices flowing and presenting a problem that he relishes solving.

Scott spent years working on mine sites whipping up a new project home every week and, with his company SEC Construction, has gladly put those days behind him. Now, building a home is all about quality, communication
and tackling those jobs that present a unique challenge.

Scott has teamed up with his fiancé and interior designer Phoebe King to take on projects from clients who want quality, experience, and exceptional service.

“We want to take on one or two big jobs a year. We want to have the time to communicate with our clients and make sure what we create is quality,” Phoebe explains.

Scott adds that ensuring the best communication is what sets SEC Constructions apart.

“Our clients may ring up about a simple question and we love to answer it any time because we know it will help them sleep,” he says.

“They are always welcome on-site as we want this to be a collaborative experience. Our clients should be involved and we want to make sure they get what they want and more.”

It’s clear this duo care about their clients but it’s more than that. As Scott recalls his building experience, you can see the excitement in his eye as he talks about the intricate details of complicated builds. Scott completed his apprenticeship in Noosa under the guide of a quality local builder specialising in unique homes.

“I learned so much more under that apprenticeship. I got an insight into project management,” he says.

“If guys on site were laying blocks, you were labouring for them. I didn’t release at the time but now I look back and think about how glad I am that happened. Thanks to that experience, I understood so much more about the total process of building right down to the landscaping.”

After completing his apprenticeship, Scott jetted off overseas to work and explore. Like all laid back guys, he unintentionally landed himself a great job as a foreman supervising a fit-out of the Scottish Parliament building.

Throughout his two-year stint in Edinburgh, Scott oversaw work on the debating chamber and press chamber sometimes taking up to 12 months to complete intricate works on the ceiling. It was a learning curve that he not only relished but savoured, setting in motion his passion for challenging builds.

Phoebe also spent time living overseas in London working for an interior designer where she helped design and open a café and high-end design store in Wimbledon.

After moving to Melbourne to work with a large architectural firm on major projects such as the airport and convention centre, Phoebe has returned to Noosa to join Scott in SEC Constructions.

Phoebe brings her 10 years of design experience to SEC Constructions forming the second half of this extremely
talented and skilled construction duo.

“I can offer interior design services so clients can enjoy a full suite of services in one place,” Phoebe says.

“We’re ready to take our business to the next level and we’re excited to take on new, challenging projects.”

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A collaboration between SEC Constructions and building designer Brett Grimley of Ecolibrium Designs.

Built in the 1970s, the Yinneburra Beach House was the client’s family home when she was a child. After buying the home for her young family, she decided to turn the humble abode into a cool coastal hideaway.

The majority of the timber used in the revamp was harvested from a hardwood plantation north of Kin Kin that was
planted when the current owner was just a child.

Building designer Brett Grimley of Ecolibrium Designs said the client wanted to create a quirky and fun home with elvish and nautical influences.

“As a team, we managed to pull that off,” he said. “Our client had a vision and it’s not always possible to get that
vision into a design on paper.

“So, a lot of the details were conceived during construction and Scott’s adaptability and skills were invaluable
to the success of the final, very unique outcome.”

For Scott, this was the “best block of land he has built on”.

“It was right on the beach behind the sand dunes so there are full ocean views but none of that coastal wind,” he says.

“The owner cut all the trees, milled them and brought them down to the site. There aren’t too many builders
who would deal with that kind of locally-sourced timber. It was labour intensive but worth it.”

The Yinneburra Beach House has been transformed into a home any kid would love to live in where a twisting
slide takes you from the upper-level deck down to the poolside terrace.



A collaboration between SEC Constructions and Angus MacKenzie Architect.

Set within the charming township of Eumundi is this superbly renovated Queenslander. Set high above the surrounding landscape, SEC Constructions and Angus MacKenzie Architect were tasked with working
within the existing footprint to create a home for a family that loved to entertain.

Architect Angus MacKenzie said the original home was in great condition so the owners decided to customise the
property to suit their two young sons and love of hosting friends.

“We created an understated design to suit the block…where additions to the external footprint were minimal,” he

“We reshuffled the internal plan providing for a generous living space and kitchen that engages with the deck
and the sensational views.”

As Angus explains, the design aimed to showcase the new circular pool and extensive landscaping by Tropical
Landscape Designs. What stands now is an exquisite example of how a humble house can be transformed into the
perfect family abode.

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