Challenge for Change

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Erin Yarwood explores the benefits of undertaking challenges and discovers that if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. 

Do you need some extra motivation as the cooler weather and shorter days begin to approach?

Then why don’t you set yourself a challenge? Or better still, sign up to do a challenge and help out a great cause at the same time.

As I write this article, I am nearly at the end of the PanCare Challenge which has seen me do 63 squats every day in May. The number 63 bringing awareness to the average number of lives lost every week in Australia to Pancreatic Cancer.

Knowing the pain that people with Pancreatic Cancer are suffering makes this challenge seem simple in comparison. And it truly is rewarding and a privilege to be able to help raise money and bring awareness so such an important cause. 

As a personal trainer, I would not necessarily recommend doing 63 squats in a row but I have actually been loving this challenge. 

The physical benefits are great and I have definitely noticed my legs feeling more toned and stronger and every day feels a bit easier. Every donation to my fundraising page comes with the encouragement to complete the challenge – even if I sometimes remember just as I’ve hopped into bed!

Currently we’re sitting at $320 and my business, E-Fitness, is going to match all donations so that makes at least $640 going to PanCare. How awesome is that? Every dollar counts.

There are so many fundraisers with numerous fitness challenges linked to them – which is such a fantastic idea!

Not only are you raising much-needed funds for an amazing cause, but in doing so you are literally working for it. 

In turn, your friends and family are sponsoring and supporting you in your endeavours. The best thing is that you are keeping active while doing some good in the world. Win-win!

It is so rewarding to participate in challenges like these. Whether it be pumping out push ups for Lifeline; smashing out sit ups for Canteen; Stepping it Out for Prostate Cancer; holding planks for The Breast Cancer Foundation; or dropping it like a squat for Pancreatic Cancer. The list goes on!

Along with toning up your thighs, strengthening your core and beefing up your guns, you are also helping out some great charities that rely heavily on donations from the public. 

So the next time you see a reputable charity promoting a challenge, don’t just keep on scrolling. Throw in some dollars but also add some sweat and energy in there too! Know that your moving and grooving is contributing to raise money and awareness for a really good cause.

You might even notice some benefits to your mind and body too. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a challenge today – your body, mind and community will better for it. I challenge you!

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For over a decade, Erin has been putting people through their paces and encouraging them to be the best they can be, while keeping a healthy and active lifestyle – and having fun! She specialises in personal training and teaches a vast range of fitness classes out of E-Fitness – her vibrant, fun and welcoming personalised fitness studio in Cooroy where her one-year-old daughter, Aluna provides a welcome distraction.

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