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New mumma Erin Yarwood shares some suggestions to help make your body and life the best and most active it can possibly be before, during and after pregnancy.

So, you’re trying to have a bub!? Yay! It’s such a big, life changing decision to have a baby. Committing to bring another being into this world, who will initially be solely dependent on you, is a big deal. But an awesome one at that! And it’s super important that you are in great shape leading up to this massive change in your life. Both physically and mentally. 

Try to ensure you are eating a healthy, balanced diet, staying active and feeling in a good headspace so that you enter this new chapter with everything positively going your way. 

Or maybe you’re expecting? How exciting! Wow! That’s super exciting news… Well done you.

Can you believe it? You are currently growing a human being inside you… right now! How awesome and mind blowing is that?

Hopefully your internal cherub is treating you well and you are feeling good. But unfortunately, that’s not always the case for some.

Some women seem to breeze through their pregnancy, seeming as if there are no crazy changes going on with their bodies at all. Yet there are others who manage to draw the short straw, experiencing all kinds of nastiness from nausea to high or low blood pressure and everything in between.

Did you know that movement and exercise is great while you are pregnant? Within reason of course! But it can help in numerous ways.

If you have been exercising regularly leading up to falling pregnant, you should be able to comfortably continue your workouts, tweaking and modifying as you go with each trimester. 

And if you haven’t been quite so active beforehand, then you just need to make sure you’re not jumping the gun and completely beginning a workout regime. 

You don’t want to shock your body as it’s already working overtime! So instead, opt to ease into some beneficial movement, such as walking or some basic bodyweight exercises. 

Release those good endorphins to keep you feeling on top of the world. Hopefully avoiding the queasiness!

Or maybe, like me, you’ve just had your bundle of joy? Congratulations!!!!

Isn’t life amazing? And doesn’t that little cutie in your arms, that you have so cleverly created, just blow you away? You made that!

Now, as you’re quite aware, your body has been through a fair bit over the past 10 months. So be kind to yourself. 

Don’t feel as if you must get straight back into working out, regardless of whether you were super active before and during your pregnancy or not. 

Certain changes in your body can affect how your body works now, such as having a weaker pelvic floor and core, or being less stable throughout your joints. 

So, you need to seriously take this into consideration before working out, to avoid any injury. It’s always advisable to be checked out by a women’s health physio before commencing a postnatal workout routine, just to be safe. 

And most importantly, give yourself time to simply enjoy those fresh baby snuggles. They’re only that small for such a short time. Lap it up.

So, whether you are planning, baking or have freshly welcomed a new little life into this weird and wonderful world, please take the time and care in doing all the important and necessary things to ensure you have a smooth, healthy, carefree and enjoyable experience. Before, during and after.

And enjoy every special little moment along the way.

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For over a decade, Erin has been putting people through their paces and encouraging them to be the best they can be, while keeping a healthy and active lifestyle – and having fun! She specialises in personal training and teaches a vast range of fitness classes out of E-Fitness – her vibrant, fun and welcoming personalised fitness studio in Cooroy where her one-year-old daughter, Aluna provides a welcome distraction.

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