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Close to Home: Staycation

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Travel restrictions, closed borders and the uncertainty of booking a getaway so far in advance makes a traditional holiday more and more difficult. Edwina Cattanach helps you plan your ideal staycation.

Let’s face it, we live in one of the most beautiful places in Australia. An idyllic place where the beaches are blissful and the hinterland full of natural treasures and boutique experiences. Each year, tourists spend millions of dollars holidaying in Noosa – and Noosa residents spend millions of dollars travelling out of the region. With current restrictions and uncertainty hampering holiday plans, forget the vacation and book in for a ‘staycation’ – the vacation you have while staying close to home.

A staycation means you don’t have the added expense of accommodation and airfares and and you can rediscover the magic of why you chose to live in Noosa
in the first place.

You don’t even need to wait for school holidays or take time off work. Simply getting away from the daily monotony of homelife, the reminder of chores such as washing, folding, cupboards that need to be cleaned out or who is cooking dinner, are all off the table with a staycation.
It’s a perfect break from routine.

Midweek stays are far easier to lock in, particularly if you are booking outside the  school holiday period and the rates are often lower. If you’re working from home, why not make ‘home’ a different outlook? Reduced expenses, flexible booking dates,  the kids can still go to school and you can escape the usual ‘at home routine’ and the adventure of being a tourist in your hometown – what more could you want?

There really are so many ways you can plan a staycation. In fact, until now I really hadn’t understood what a staycation was, now my mind is exploding with ideas! Our Editor-in-Chief, Deb Caruso and her family recently did just this. Deb was invited to stay a few nights at L’Auberge Noosa, a beautiful French Polynesian-style holiday resort just five minutes from the IN Noosa office and about 20 minutes from their home in Doonan. It was a break from the usual daily routine and allowed Deb and the family to take a walk on Noosa Main Beach, grab breakfast and then drop Max to school before heading to work. Deb even got to work earlier than usual and after work it was back to their beautifully- appointed accommodation and the biggest decision of the day, ‘where should we go for dinner?’. Feeding the cat and meeting his daily demands for attention was also possible after school drop-off and without the expense of a pet resort.

A few nights away gave them the chance to try somewhere new everyday for breakfast or dinner. And here’s another bonus, you’re helping your own community by keeping it local!

staycation noosa

Jordana Thompson of Key Minder Noosa said while it had been a difficult time for the tourism industry in Noosa due to border restrictions, they were beginning
to see a growing number of bookings from locals searching for the ultimate holiday right here on their doorstep.

“Noosa is an amazing holiday destination and there is no time like the present to book a ‘staycation’ and explore all Noosa has to offer and support local businesses,” she said.

Regardless of your lifestyle, whether you have kids, live by the beach, or in leafy surrounds, now is your chance to mix it up. If living on the beach is your norm, why not head to the hinterland, there are so many beautiful options and things to do and see. Get together with friends or family in a luxury apartment or holiday rental such as Artis Penthouse (pictured) available through Key Minder Noosa; or enjoy a night away from the kids and put some sparkle into your relationship. Book a babysitter for a sleepover and stay somewhere that has a ‘no kids’ rule.

As a local, you know better than anyone about the incredible things to do in Noosa, yet rarely get to enjoy.

Enjoy the walking trails, take a country drive, spoil yourself with a spa treatment, explore the hinterland, book a cooking class or art workshop, read a book, or enjoy an afternoon nap… imagine that? The opportunities are endless!

Given a staycation is usually kept short, pack light and take only what you absolutely need. If you forget anything, you aren’t far, just go home and grab it. Remember, don’t overwhelm yourself with things to do. This is a short escape, no point in exhausting yourself with an endless itinerary. Having time to just be in your own area is extremely rewarding. Don’t forget to share your experiences and INspire others using the #staycation #innoosa hashtags – you’ll have a nice memory to look back on in years to come.

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