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The team that spas together, stays together. Post-deadline stress is easily scrubbed, rubbed and soothed away at Stephanies Ocean Spa, as Deb Caruso discovers.

No matter how hard we try, each edition still brings late nights, long hours at the computer and the exhaustion (and excitement) of birthing a new creation. Thankfully for us, Noosa is full of luxurious, world-class and award-winning day spas specifically designed to restore, rejuvenate and revitalise weary minds and bodies. 

Stephanies Ocean Spa is nestled in the beautiful leafy surrounds of Peppers Noosa Resort & Villas and is next-level luxury that is everyday-accessible. 

With eleven purpose-built spa therapy suites and water treatments; Stephanies offers private, couple or group packages with something for everyone – such as a spa date with my fellow deadline warriors, Ali and Shona.

The change of each season brings a specially-tailored package at Stephanies and the Spring Revival Ritual includes a Botanical Foot Immersion, Aromatic Body Exfoliation and Focus Massage. Aimed at purifying, energising and reviving both body and mind, it sounded perfect to scrub away the winter blues, rub away our late-night woes and float into the next few weeks feeling refreshed and ready to produce another award-winning magazine. 

A quick call to the lovely Gaelle at Stephanies Ocean Spa and we were locked in. Feeling the need for more attention on the massage, I upgraded this component to one hour and did not regret that decision at all! 

As there were three of us, the added bonus was the use of the triple suite with a colour therapy mineral floatation pool to best prepare our bodies and minds for the indulgence that awaited. 

To make the most of your treatment arrive early and plan to linger longer in the Relaxation Area where you can enjoy Stephanies signature range of la Vie Tea elixirs; sparkling wine on special occasions or a refreshing sorbet. 

I had been to Stephanies before so arrived super early to ensure maximum wind-down and some time in the spa shop which features Stephanies own bespoke and exclusive collection of la Vie Élixir products. I love the organic flower tea infusions and the most delicious eye pillows and bath salts make perfect gifts. Shopping done, I was led to the locker room to change into a luxurious robe and settle into the tranquillity lounge to enjoy a tea with my spa pals.

I could sense us all unwinding with the tranquil music, soft lighting and beautiful aromas already putting us in a state of blissful anticipation – and the best was yet to come. 

Our therapists ushered us into the triple suite with a colour therapy mineral floatation pool and stunning backdrop of Noosa National Park. 

I have been floating for many years however it is normally in a private pod. This form of floating with friends was definitely more for fun while also bringing the benefits of weightless suspension in 35-degree magnesium-saturated water. The simple premise being that freeing your brain of the primary functions of regulating body temperature and managing gravity, allows it to go deeper into a healing phase to relieve stress, body aches and pains. The soothing music and ambience of changing colours against a rainforest backdrop put us all in a deep meditative state and after 30 minutes our minds were settled and body relaxed, we literally floated into the showers to rinse off. Our therapists then took us into private treatment rooms for the main attraction starting with a Botanical Foot Immersion. Oh and how they needed it. The aromas were as delicious as the toe-tingling sensation of the foot rub that followed. It was difficult to respond to therapist Jasmin’s questions on my massage preferences as I was already succumbing to the serenity.

Once I was on the oversized treatment bed, I was cocooned in the most delicious blanket I had ever experienced (pity they don’t sell those in the spa shop!). I felt secure, warm and comforted as bit-by-bit parts of my body were unwrapped, brushed and rewrapped. I was transported to heaven and then the scrub began following the same pattern of gracefully unwrapping and scrubbing every part of my body with Stephanies signature Macadamia Crème body exfoliation, with ground macadamia shells and bamboo. With the added benefits of soothing chamomile and vitamin E, the sensation was one of immense pleasure and just the right amount of pain. I had never felt so alive as I tingled inside my cocoon and Jasmin worked her magic. 

The post-scrub shower feels like you are putting on new skin and as the scrub washed away, so did my cares. A fresh robe and back to the bed for my favourite thing in the world, massage!

Using Stephanies signature essential oil blends, Jasmin proved to be a skilful, intuitive therapist, using just the right amount of pressure to soothe the nervous system and restore energy flow. 

My muscles felt restored, skin hydrated and mind calmed. I felt like a new woman as I joined my colleagues back in the appropriately named, Tranquillity Lounge; this time for a glass of bubbles. Silent and sated, we all glowed from head to toe with smiles of pleasure emanating from our previously tired faces. 

Slowly we made our way back to the locker room and shower for a quick rinse off before immersing ourselves into the world where lunch at View by Matt Golinski topped off the ideal afternoon. 

A leader in the luxury spa industry, Stephanie Shepherd opened her first spa 27 years ago and today has luxurious spas from the Gold Coast to Noosa. Each offering its own unique feel but with the same attention to detail, professional training and welcoming approach that has seen Stephanies win some of the most lauded global awards.

Stephanies Ocean Spa at Peppers Noosa Resort & Villas specialises in combining therapy and water treatments including the triple suite with colour therapy mineral floatation pool; two couple suites with either a Geisha couples’ hydro bath or a hand crafted timber bath. Other options include the Vichy shower with its cascade of water to massage and soothe the entire body, literally washing away stress and tension with powerful healing benefits, physically and spiritually; or the Pedicure and Manicure Lounge for up to five guests 

I’m almost looking forward to the next crazy deadlines if the reward is a session at Stephanies Ocean Spa!

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