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Debra Fallowfield: The Rule Breaker

Image source: Photographer Megan Gill

She sits on the fence between fine and art contemporary jewellery – Debra Fallowfield is the new girl in town with her ring finger on the pulse of a jewellery revolution. 

Deb Fallowfield has always been a rule breaker in the world of jewellery. Teetering on the edge of classic and quirky, her designs have never really belonged in fine art galleries or high-end stores – and that’s ok. 

This New Zealand born; now local woman makes a strong first impression (much like her jewellery designs). 

“I’m five-foot-nothing but I’ve got a big voice,” she says. “My style is bold but I’m down to earth; I might be small in stature, but I like jewellery to be big and strong”.  

Deb’s personality is precisely what you get with her creations – modern, solid statement pieces with an earthy influence. 

“I am fascinated by textures, erosion, rock formations,” she adds. “My designs have always been inspired by nature and form – shapes, forms and patterns.” 

Deb is a designer that has always pushed back at traditional jewellery making and design. 

She has never followed the rules, is not classically trained and never went to art school. 

She kicked off her remarkable career with night courses where she continued to question the traditional methods of making and her style has stayed true to her resistance of the conventional. 

Her work doesn’t skimp on metals; it is solid, tactile and there is an organic flow and movement through her designs that brings us back to nature.

The Deb Fallowfield Collection is brought to life with the help of her husband Dean Brewster – a former builder who is perfectly geared for construction (of the jewellery kind now). 

After many exhausting years rebuilding Christchurch after the tragic earthquake in 2011 he was well due a change of career and now is the man behind this new girl in town. 

Debra Fallowfield Jewellery is made using only precious metals. She loves using Australian sapphires in different shades and diamonds, preferably in cognac and champagne, to add warmth to her pieces. 

This little ruler breaker is certainly making a big, solid gold statement in jewellery design in Noosa. 

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