Luke Wright


Luke is a seasoned meditation practitioner with 25+ years of dedicated experience in the realm of mindfulness and meditation. His journey into the world of meditation began in the mid-90s, marked by an honours thesis delving into the perceived parallels between physics and mysticism. This sparked a deep passion for exploring the inner landscape of the mind and self.

Since 2016, Luke has been actively sharing his profound knowledge of meditation with a wide range of audiences. He has shared his guidance and knowledge at various events, festivals, educational institutions and businesses. His commitment to seeding meditation and mindfulness practices has touched the lives of many, leaving a lasting impact on individuals and businesses alike.

Luke supports the mental health of business employees through both theoretical knowledge and practical tools based on experience, neuroscience and meditation principles.

He also provides one-on-one consultations, allowing individuals to benefit from his extensive expertise on a personal level. He empowers his clients to delve deeper into their consciousness and unlock the potential for personal growth, transformation, harmony and balance.

His dedication to his cause has made him a respected and sought-after figure in the field of meditation and mindfulness.


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