Facing Nature at Stephanies Ocean Spa

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With winter comes dry skin and the need to focus even more on our skincare routine and finding the perfect formula for our complexion. Stephanies saves the day with an exclusive collection of natural skin treatments, as Georgia Beard discovers. 

After 37 years of providing award-winning spa treatments to clients across South East Queensland, Stephanies has released its original Skincare Collection and Mindful Spa Essential Oil Collection. 

Combining naturopathic treatments with leading formulation science, Stephanies infuses their skincare formulas with raw ingredients such as fruits, florals and seeds – all of which are recognisable on the back of a bottle. The treatments return us to our roots when anti-ageing and rejuvenation products came directly from the natural environment.

Founder Stephanie Shepherd said learning about the mineral properties and natural landscapes in her hometown in Broken Hill inspired her to establish these collections.

“It has always been my dream, and the next natural step for the Stephanies evolution to introduce our own skincare range, but it was important that the brand kept in line with the Stephanies ethos,” she said.

That ethos focuses on reviving ancient beauty and wellness rituals through emerging technologies and treatments. 

The Skincare Collection is abundant with skin-loving, age-defying vitamins, aromatic essential oils and nutrient-rich ingredients. 

These supercharged formulations feed the skin using a traditional double blending method to protect the pure botanical and cosmeceutical actives.

The formulas work to prevent stress and inflammation, repair cellular damage and support dermal elasticity and resilience. They can also hydrate the skin, brighten pigmentation and fight signs of aging.

Alongside the retail range, Stephanies has also introduced a collection of skincare products to complement their beautiful skin rituals. Not only can you experience these plant-based formulas from home, but during bespoke spa therapies from within Stephanies Ocean Spa at Peppers Noosa Resort & Villas.

Also available for retail, the Essential Oil Collection is designed to balance, harmonise and promote the ongoing health of mind, body and spirit – a holistic approach. 

“We have partnered with a formulating chemist with over thirty years of experience to create the finest 100% pure essential oils from a global network of farmers and suppliers committed to supplying authentic, unadulterated oils,” Stephanie said.

Extracted from plants, these oils are believed to help manage pain, improve sleep quality, treat migraines and headaches and reduce stress and anxiety through to boosted immunity.

Stephanies has curated unique essential oil blends to immerse your mind and body in sensory experiences, from exquisite floral garlands to aromatic ocean breezes to the heart of vibrant urban villages.

Stephanie recommends three methods to use these lovingly crafted blends:

1. Diffuse your Stephanies Blend in an oil burner, adding five or six drops and replenishing as required. 

2. Massage a luxurious mix of 12 drops of your Stephanies Blend to 30ml of carrier oil for a divine massage oil. 

3. Spritz a mix of 15 to 25 drops of your Stephanies Blend with 60ml of water to create a fragrant room freshener. For a milder scent, you can combine 20 drops with 120ml of water.

Both the Skincare Collection and the Mindful Spa Essential Oil Collection offer an alchemy of science and nature. 

The result is healthier and brighter skin, organically restored. 

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