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Katrina Thorpe discovers the therapeutical benefits arising from the calls of nature.

Can you believe that a ‘chirping’ bird can lift your mood and make you feel… well, more chirpy?

I’m not talking about the call of a crow, that’s kind of ominous; or the shrieks of Curlews, enough to make you on edge –  especially as they sound like a party of Curlews outside your window in the middle of the night!

The sound of a kookaburra laughing is infectious – the fun guys, sentimental Australiana at its best and listening to a kookaburra laughing in the old gum tree, always puts a smile on my face.

To quote author Ryan Hammoud of King’s College London. “There is growing evidence on the mental health benefits of being around nature and we intuitively think that the presence of birdsong and birds would help lift our mood,” he said.

“However, there is little research that has investigated the impact of birds on mental health in real-time and in a real environment. By using the Urban Mind app we have for the first time showed the direct link between seeing or hearing birds and positive mood.”

I have friends who keep birds as pets and since reading the research on bird song I have taken more notice of the effects that bird sounds have on me and on friends.

A close friend, always remarked that the absence of birds was noticeable where she lived in Hong Kong and how much she loved listening to the birds when she came home to Noosa, where there’s an abundance of birds singing.

While some birds are great little characters with personality plus, their chatter, tweeting, chirping songs definitely enhance a mood; while the cooing of pigeons and sing song of birds is more calming.

We know that nature provides an environment conducive to our mental and physical wellbeing and the popularity of nature sounds used as aids for sleep, meditation and calming the mind make a difference to one’s wellbeing.

If the sound of birds does not resonate with you, the sound of the ocean might be a better choice for relaxation. Waves lapping on the seashore is a popular choice for soothing the mind. Sitting on a beach usually represents relaxation, warmth and sunshine. If you can’t go to the beach yourself, listening to the sound of waves can take you there and create a soothing effect on your mind.

I find the sound of a tropical rainforest lifts my mood and calms my mind. Maybe because I have a great connection to ‘green therapy’ surrounded by trees, I love being in a garden and am a great believer in earthing. It’s no surprise that I built a Day Spa surrounded by tropical gardens, as I am lulled to another world when immersed in or listening to sounds of the breeze through the palms and bamboo, running streams, rain drops on big leaves and the sound of birds who love to live in the dappled light. 

Mood enhancement from nature is well documented and now we have research reporting that you can feel chirpy when you listen to birds.

Nature sounds do have a profound effect on our psyche and it’s worth taking note how the sounds of nature help lift or calm your mood. We can feel wistful to the sound of the wind in trees and feel soothed by the sound of soft waves.

If you can’t be immersed in nature, download some nature sounds to play as they are still very effective for your mood and wellbeing.

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy sitting outside in a garden, park or maybe a balcony close to trees, close your eyes and tune into the sound of birds chirping to make you feel chirpy too.

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With qualifications and years of experience in health, wellness, beauty, management and business, culminating in the creation of Ikatan Day Spa, Katrina has a passion for everything relating to the wellness world and loves to share her knowledge, experience and research with others. Katrina is an active member of our community with involvement in tourism and charity work.

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