Get Real With Indoor Plants

Get Real With Indoor Plants

Image source: IN Noosa Magazine

At IN Noosa we are on a mission to reduce waste, so this gift giving season we’re spreading the joy of indoor plants thanks to garden guru Taier Bage of Acres Garden Centre, Noosaville.

The excessive consumption of things and stuff at Christmas has got us down, so this year we want to give a gift that will deliver joy, happiness and fresh air year-round. We’re giving the gift of life in the form of glossy-leaf indoor plants.

The popularity of indoor plants has been steadily increasing over the past few years with macramé hangers coming back into vogue. Boring pots have been given the flick with stylish vases and designer planters all the rage.

The humble indoor plant is now a fashion accessory and we couldn’t be happier. According to Taier Bage from Acres Garden Centre, there is an indoor plant for every type of interior space from fern species that thrive in humid bathrooms to the on-trend Monstera that loves a bright, light-filled room.

“Indoor plants add life to your home,” Taier says. “They are an affordable way to decorate your home and you can share them with friends through cuttings.

“Not to mention the health benefits of having living plants in your home. They take toxins out of the air and replace them with fresh air.”

Taier says indoor plants are easy to care for once you get the hang of it and are a wonderful starting point for anyone wanting to leap into gardening.

“It’s pretty simple really and while the needs change per plant, it’s basically watering every week and adding a mild liquid fertisliser every second week during summer,” she says.

Orchids are also in bloom. For the cost of a one-time bouquet of flowers, you can enjoy the stunning phalaenopsis orchid for up to three months. The best part is that once the flowers have finished, you can simply cut the stem and take the plant outside, tie them to a tree, or put in a shaded spot and wait for a blast of frost and you will have beautiful blooms once again!

This season, Taier and the team at Acres Garden Centre are creating terrariums just in time for Christmas, as well as what she promises are some unique and quirky gift ideas. Acres Garden Centre also stocks designer plants and hanging pots from Jones & Co and Angus & Celeste, which make the perfect gift for anyone wanting to add a touch of style to their space.

Taier’s Top Tips for Indoor Plants

Summer is a growing time for plants, so adding a mild liquid fertiliser every fortnight will support your plant’s growth. Putting your indoor plants outside for a good dose of summer rain will freshen them up, too, and wipe down their leaves to keep them glossy and happy.

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