Going Potty For Workshops!

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Dirty hands, smiles on their faces and art in the works, more and more people are returning to basics, booking out workshops and classes at the Butter Factory Arts Centre. Jolene Ogle discovers just how the art centre is keeping up with demand.

The weekend used to be reserved for late-night drinking and long sleep-ins, but now, an old pastime is new again with locals flocking to workshops and classes – and art galleries can hardly keep up! The Butter Factory Arts Centre (BFAC) in Cooroy has recently increased their workshop offering and are still selling out.

BFAC coordinator Alicia Sharples said the demand for workshops was breathing fresh life into the gallery, encouraging locals and visitors to stop and get their hands dirty, learn a new skill or simply connect with other like-minded people.

“One Saturday in July comes to mind as a great example,” she explained.

“We had Sophie Munns – our Kaya Sulc artist-in-resident with her Saturday Seed Draw in the mezzanine space; Leisa Gunton teaching a macrame class in the breezeway; and our pottery studio hosting Rowley Drysdale’s masterclass for Noosa Regional Gallery.”

Alicia said it was wonderful to see the BFAC spaces and facilities being so well utilised, redefining just what a gallery
space can be. She said it was also refreshing to see so many willing participants excited to learn new skills and
embrace their creative side.

“Slowing down and getting back to handmade crafts and artistry offers a breather in our fast-paced life,” she said.

“Just as important, is the sharing of knowledge and wisdom. This is definitely something that people are attracted to,
bringing them to our classes and workshops.”

Alicia said BFAC tries to provide a wide range of classes for the community, covering as many mediums, styles and
interests as possible.

“We have had a Doctor of Botany and artist teaching botanical drawings; a young pop artist teaching contemporary collage; and a couple who collect weeds teaching weaving wild baskets,” she recalled.

“The weaving with weeds was so popular we have created another masterclass in October which has already booked out!”

If it’s been a while since you have sat still, learned something new or simply immersed yourself in a creative process,
it might be time to check in with BFAC and book a class!


Book IN
If you have ever wanted to delve into the world
of drawing or pottery, now is your chance.
Book IN to one of these INspiring workshops
at the Butter Factory Arts Centre – but be quick!

After Dark Intro to Wheel Throwing
Fiona Cuthbert O’Meara

10 October to 7 November: 6-8.30pm
Cost: $198 for the 5-part series
Ceramicist and artisan Fiona will lead novices
through the world of wheel throwing in this
five-part After Dark series. Participants will work
their way through the introductory skills of wheel
throwing, eventually creating their own vessels.

Clay & Canapes: Decorative Pottery Surfaces
Tania Edwards

18 October to 8 November: 6-8.30pm
Cost:$198 for the 4-part series
Get creative in this relaxing Friday night series
where you will discover a smorgasbord of
decorative techniques on provided pots. Turn
blank pots into works of art and then take them
home to show off!

For bookings, phone 5442 6665 or visit



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